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Definition and development of plastic machinery? And China and developed countries are plastic use situation comparison

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Definition and development of plastic machinery

A general term for all types of machinery and devices used in the plastic processing industry. Some fluid and solid transport, separation, crushing, grinding and drying and other universal machinery and equipment,. The plastic processing industry also occupies an important position, so often listed as plastic machinery. The design and manufacture of modern plastic machinery, in addition to the development of mechanical engineering and material science, is closely related to the progress of the theoretical research of plastic engineering. China’s plastic machinery market has attracted more and more attention from foreign enterprises. On the one hand, many large international enterprises have continuously increased in depth and breadth of cooperation with Chinese plastic machinery enterprises, but more often they adopt the way of merger or purchase of shares to occupy the Chinese plastic machinery market. Foreign companies such as demand, Cornell and Hong Kong's Zhenjiang have entered the Chinese market through joint ventures with domestic companies or through separate subsidiaries or representative offices. It was also at this time that plastic crushing equipment entered China and developed rapidly in the past ten years. Plastic crushing equipment at present in our country mainly includes uneasily shredding machine, biaxial shredding machine, four axis shredding machine, plastic crusher, and more segmentation of crushing equipment, such as metal shredding machine, general shredding machine, film shredding machine, plastic woven bag crusher shredding machine, ABS shredding machine, PVC, PET, PS crusher, tire shredding machine, household appliances, shredding machine, the life heavy junk shredding machine and so on. Gangli environmental protection is a professional equipment manufacturer dedicated to plastic crushing equipment. It has all kinds of plastic crushing equipment on the market, and it has also invested in the research and development and design of many new types of plastic crushing equipment to meet the needs of different market groups.


Comparison of plastic use in China and developed countries

Compared with metal, stone, wood, plastic has low cost, strong plasticity and other advantages, widely used in the national economy, the plastic industry in today's world occupies an extremely important position, over the years the production of plastic products in the world's rapid development. China’s output of plastic products has traditionally been at the top of the world rankings, among which the output of a variety of plastic products has ranked first in the world. China has become a major producer of plastic products in the world. From 2001 to 2010, the annual growth rate of China's plastic products output maintained above 15%, and the total output of China's plastic products in 2010 reached 58.3 million tons.

Although China's total consumption of plastic products has ranked second in the world, the per capita consumption of plastic is far behind that of developed countries. Data show that in 2005, the per capita consumption of plastics in China was only 29.5kg. In the same year, the per capita consumption of plastics in the United States, Belgium and Germany reached 171 kg, 169 kg and 155 kg respectively, which was 5.79 times, 5.73 times and 5.25 times of the per capita consumption of plastics in China.

As another indicator to measure the development level of a country's plastics industry -- the ratio of plastic to steel, China is only 30:70, less than the world average of 50:50, further less than developed countries such as the United States of 70:30 and Germany of 63:37.These differences from another aspect, China's plastic products and plastic machinery industry has a large space for development.

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