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How does the shredder manufacturer select the model according to the customer's requirements

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As the manufacturer of a shredding machine, I know there are many models of the shredding machine. Single from the structure of the shredder can be roughly divided into a single axis shredder, double axis shredder, double roll pre-shredder and other three series. Each of the above three series includes a number of models, but in terms of equipment size, there are small shredding machines, there are large shredding machines. As a salesman of the manufacturer of a shredding machine, I often receive a call from a customer who asks how much is your shredding machine? I know that the price of a shredder range from tens of thousands of Yuan to millions of Yuan, and the bigger the machine, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, it is difficult for us, as the shredder manufacturer, to give the customer a direct reference price without asking the client's real demand. So, shred machine manufacturers are generally based on the demand to choose the shared model? Below small make up for you to do the introduction.

Shred machine manufacturer to select several basis for customers:

1, according to the material to be broken: including the material, the original size, the proportion of components, etc

In the case of daily garbage, garbage composition inside very miscellaneous, size is differ, the intensity is not the same as garbage shredding machine broken strength is different, so to recommend the right equipment according to the actual circumstance of the material, if the broken material can be easily broken material, will recommend power smaller, if there is more difficult to broken items, just need to recommend some big power. In addition, according to the size of the original material to choose, because the size of the shredding machine broken room is fixed, then we must consider whether the original size of the material will be greater than the size of the shredding machine broken room, if greater than, then the material can not be put into the crushing room, can not complete the crushing.

2. Output requirements

The production demand of the customer is also important. For example, shredder size is different to handle 1T or 2T in an hour. Generally speaking, the larger the output required, the larger the type of shred required. Taking PVC head material as an example, assuming the output required by the customer is 800kg/h, then the S600 single-spindle shredder of Gangly environmental protection can meet the output, but if the customer requires the output to reach more than 3 tons, then the ST1200 single-spindle shredder must be used to meet the customer's demand for output.

3. Size of crushing discharge

The material torn by the waste shredder is generally irregular, and the size of the material after crushing is determined by the width of the blade and the size of the aperture of the screen. So it is also important for the customer to make clear to the shredder manufacturer what shape and size they want to break into so that they can be satisfied with the effect you want to achieve. Take the single-shaft shredder series of Gangli environmental protection as an example. The diameter of the sieve mesh of the standard shredder by Gangli environmental protection is 40mm, so the size of the material broken out after being processed by the single-shaft shredder will be in the range of 25mm-40mm.If this size does not meet your need, then you can ask the manufacturer to change the type of screen and the aperture size of the screen.

Summary of the above points, you can also choose a more appropriate garbage shredder machine, neither because bought too large equipment to waste money, also will not be due to lack of power and crushing force is not enough, choose a good model manufacturer can soon report the price of garbage shredder machine, greatly improve the efficiency of communication and consultation. Foshan Gangli environmental protection is a collection of r & d, design, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the shredding machine manufacturers, Gangli environmental protection and many domestic and foreign regions for the delivery of a lot of large and small models of shredding machine, Gangli especially won the trust and appreciation of customers in Germany, Japan, the United States, Austria and other regions .Due to limited space, you want to know more details, please feel free to contact with the small series of environmental protection Gangli, you are also welcome to bring materials to the factory trial.

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