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Common faults and solutions of environmental protection single shaft shredder

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A, description,

Pay attention to safety during troubleshooting. Operators must ensure that the machine is powered off, fuses are removed, and service labels are put on. Tested instruments must be used. The meter must be able to measure twice the AC and DC current of the machine, and the voltmeter must be able to measure the resistivity of 5,000 ohm/v at AC current and 20,000 ohm/v at DC current. VOM or VTVM instrumentation can be added to help with detection when needed.

Before replacing the circuit elements, users are advised to make a detailed test according to the circuit diagram before the replacement. Circuit fault troubleshooting is not clear, easy to burn the new original, resulting in waste.

B,  Gangli single shaft shredder common faults and solutions

Once the machine fault is found, the reason should be checked in time and replaced according to the instruction appendix



Possible causes

The solution






The machine is stuck or stops   automatically









Feeding too much

Reduce the feeding

Screen jammed

Clean the screen;If necessary, use a screen with a larger   aperture

Slip the belt

Check the belt and adjust the tension

Cutting tool problem

Check the tool, sharpen or replace it

Cutter spacing

Adjust cutting distance

The discharge port is blocked

The discharge port is blocked for   inspection of discharge devices

The current problem

Check limit switches; Check the circuit connection; In   case of need Can bind limit switch

Too small fuse

Replace the fuse after consulting the   relevant department

Rotation direction of knife roller

Check motor electrode

Knife roller speed

Adjust the speed after consulting   service department


Knife roller can not tear large material

Cutting tool problem

Inspect and sharpen cutting tools

Constant knife is prominent

Advisory services

Knife is not sharp

Adjust the tool seat plate





Overheat of crushed material

Refer to the first 5 reasons for   "machine stuck or automatic stop"

Refer to the first 5 solutions in   'machine stuck or auto stop'

The aperture of the screen is too small

Replace the large aperture screen

Tool error front grinding

Change knives after consulting service

Friction between material and chassis   wall

Equipped with anti-winding device

Insufficient cooling

Equipped with knife roller cooling   device


Abnormal vibration

The knife roller is out of balance

Weigh knife roller, adjust balance

Bearing damage

Check the bearing and replace it in time

Shock pad damaged

Check the shock pad and base



Severe tool wear

Bearing damage

Check the bearing and replace it in time

Tool wear

Inspect tool and sharpen edge tool

Wrong cutting spacing

Adjust cutting distance

Miscellaneous articles or objects inside   machine

Clean up the sundries in the machine




Bearing heating

Excessive bearing oil

Clean the bearing surface of excess   lubrication

The belt too tight

Relax the belt

Sealing ring friction

Check or replace the sealing ring

Bearing damage

Check to replace the bearing in time

No lubricating oil in the bearing

Add bearing oil

Shred too much material

Screen wear

To change the screen

The screen holes are not equipped   correctly

The consulting service department will   be replaced later




The cut spacing changes during operation

Tool bolts are not tightened

Tighten the bolt according to the torque

Bolt the wear

Change the bolt

Gasket wear

Replace the gasket

Knife seat surface uneven

Replace the knife holder

The support surface is not clean

Clean up support surface

Shell thread wear



Screen is damaged

Insert the screen incorrectly

Replace the screen holder

The screen holder is damaged

Replace the screen holder

The screen radius is wrong

Replace the screen





The shredder cannot start

Limit switch does not work

Check and adjust the position of limit   switch in time

Control box fuses burn out and replace   fuses

Replace fuse

The power supply of feeding device is   connected

Start the machine in sequence

Material jam

Empty shred chamber

Star Angle startup error

Correct motor circuit

Motor safety switch is closed

Check motor relay

Star Angle start time relay is wrong

Adjust the time

The feeding device often shuts down   automatically

Current relay shut down

Correct Settings






The shredder jammed while working

Early feeding

Switch from star to Angle, start feeding

The limit switch is released or the   position is set incorrectly

Adjustable limit switch

Fuse damage

Replace the fuse; Replace the large fuse after consulting   service

Motor fuse trip

Reduce feeding; Reset ; Replace fuse



In case of equipment failure and the user cannot solve the problem by himself, please do not disassemble the machine parts by force. Please call the after-sales service department of our company for guidance and help.

After-sales service department of Gangli environmental technology

tel: 0757-87335818


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