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Common woven bag shredder before and after the use of the process matters needing attention

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Woven bag shredding machine is a shredding machine model. Of course, different manufacturers to the woven bag shredder are not the same definition. For example, some manufacturers use a single spindle shredding machine to play woven bags, some manufacturers use a double spindle shredding machine to play woven bags, these two kinds of shredding machine can be called woven bag shredding machine. So, what should you pay attention to before, during and after using the device? Let me give you a brief introduction.

I. to ensure the host machine is stable before starting the machine, and do not swing back and forth. Before starting the machine, check whether the connecting bolts are locked. If they are loose, the bolts should be locked before starting the machine. Before starting, the reducer and bearing should be lubricated as requiring. After starting the machine for the first time and switching on the power supply, observe the rotation direction of the two spindles, and ask the spindle to test the internal rotation of the main machine. If it is wrong, adjust the option and restart later. In the process of work, the head, hands and other parts should not be close to the feeding port, to prevent the splashes from hurting the body and endangering the safety of life in the process of shredding. Maintenance equipment, to do: power outage, single maintenance, according to the maintenance instructions to disassemble and install equipment, for important parts can not be knocked or even smashed and other barbaric operation.

Second, in the use of sound, if it is found that the equipment in the user will need to check whether equipment within the cavity axis is damaged, if not, that is too little butter on the rotating shaft, which resulted in increased the friction between shaft and gear emit sound, this glitch need to solve in time, prevent a great misfortune, users need timing regular rollers to add butter to damage caused by poor lubrication effect and prevention of rotation.

3. If the problem of poor efficiency of torn materials is found in the process of production, the machine should stop immediately for inspection. This situation is likely to be caused by the gap between the tool plates in the inner cavity of the equipment due to the long time tearing of materials with larger hardness. As long as the user checks that the cutter disc is not worn, there is no need to replace it, just adjust the clearance between the blades.


In order to make the shredding machine equipment to achieve better shredding effect and working ability, to explain the shredding machine equipment before use, in use, after use matters needing attention:

Precautions before use: 1. Check the tightness of screws in various parts; 2. 2. Turn the pulley by hand to see whether the material is stuck in the torn cavity; Whether the lubricating oil of each bearing position is filled up.

Precautions for use: 1. Do not put inflammable and explosive objects into the air; 2. No person is allowed to stand before the feeding port; 3. The staff must wear safety helmets during the operation of the equipment; 4. If overload load occurs, slow down the feeding speed to prevent overloading load from causing safety hazards to the motor.

Precautions after shutdown: before the equipment is shut down, let the equipment idle for two minutes to completely eliminate the materials to be torn up in the torn cavity, so as to prevent problems in the second startup. Check motor temperature and bearing temperature before going off duty. Check the tightness of the belt. Check and replace the hammer head and blade if necessary.

In the use of shredder, to pay more attention to equipment maintenance and repair. To meet the problem to solve the problem, so that the shredder equipment to achieve better shredding effect and performance.

Write at the end

Production of crushing equipment on the market manufacturers is numerous, the strength of each manufacturer is different, so the quality of equipment is different, so when you buy the crushing equipment how to choose their own satisfactory shredding machine? If it is me to choose, I will certainly choose a certain after-sales service ability of the manufacturers, have rich experience of the manufacturers, the best is to be able to go to the manufacturers

Look at the equipment before you make a decision. Well, the above being my personal advice, you can refer to.

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