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As the first impression of the company, "company profile" can be said to be a very, very important facade, how to introduce the company to others in the limited text and can attract the attention of others can be said to let many company bosses are hard thinking. The following are my small summary, I hope to give you some help a good company profile should include the following points


1.What does your company do

2.What are your company's strengths

3. What achievements the company has made

4, the company's business philosophy

5.If necessary, we can add corporate culture and humanistic care.


Let's take a look at the company profile

Established in 2019, Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., ltd. Focuses on the red and production of "solid waste treatment and environmental protection equipment”. The predecessor of Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD was founded in 2009 as Guangzhou mooching metal products co., LTD. With the development, design, production and installation mode, we specialize in the production process and product research and development. In 2009, the company set up a decoration company, in the industry comprehensive development of one-stop service. In 2011, it set up an office in Shanghai to provide brand companies with "remote two-on-one" three-dimensional service for setting up shop in other places, creating a new mode of one-stop service in commercial space. After several years of careful operation, Guangzhou hangman has accumulated rich experience in industrial operation and management. Following the high standard of "professional, classic and unique", Guangzhou Shuangma is highly recognized and praised by customers with its excellent service. Meanwhile, it has cultivated a group of top talents in the industry and has a professional service team. Guangzhou Shuangma has established a complete supply chain network, and has established close cooperative relations with several powerful display furniture production factories, commercial space decoration companies and design agencies, forming a strategic alliance of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and providing comprehensive and seamless services for our customers. At present, display furniture of most brand companies is made through design middlemen, rather than directly facing the factory. The reason is that many factories only re-production, and do not does product support. The result is the same industry oddity as the drug industry. The production is not profitable, but the profits of the middlemen are too high. Guangzhou Shuangma is a new model enterprise in this industry. Under this new business model, we have four advantages:

1. Price advantage. We are a new industry model integrating design, production and installation. We directly provide services to the brand company, reducing the profits of the brokerage company in the transit link and offering a price discount of 25%-40% of the brand company. Price advantage is very obvious.

2. Design advantages. The design of a lot of middlemen will often only pay attention to the appearance, and neglect the structure of the product force and practical. The final installation caused irreversible errors and some unnecessary costs. Our design department is located in the factory and specializes in product design requirements. Because some can achieve the perfect combination of image, structure and cost very well.

3. Time advantage. After negotiating a contract with the brand company, the middleman also negotiates a contract with the factory. In addition, middlemen are often magnum in the face of customers, so the quotation is often slower. Therefore, under the mode of facing the brand company directly, the product delivery is usually more than three days earlier.4. Installation advantages. Installation personnel are dispatched directly from the factory. Since the entire installation staff must be sent from the production personnel of the product, the installation quality of the product can be guaranteed to the maximum extent. Guangzhou double horse also carries out "remote two to one" three-dimensional service. From the preliminary contact, quotation and negotiation between Guangzhou Shuangma business representative and the brand company, preliminary cooperation intention was reached. To the brand company to prepare to open shop in other places, Guangzhou Shuangma arrange designers to the store to measure the size, take photos, draw renderings and construction drawings; Once all drawings are confirmed, the project budget is negotiated and the production contract is signed. Then I went to the factory merchandiser and site construction supervisor of the exhibition cabinet. Guangzhou shuangma arranged professional merchandiser to track the quality and supervise the construction period; We will carry out one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance for the brand company's commercial exhibition project, and promise to arrive at the site within 24 hours after finding the problem and start to solve it. Display of furniture design, production, distribution, installation to after-sales maintenance and construction, as well as the display products supply, double horse in Guangzhou to provide professional, meticulous and high-quality service, for customers to build a higher grade, more personality, a better quality of commercial space image, and tailor the most suitable display household, and constantly optimize service measures, strive to create a greater brand additional value for customers.

With the support of innovative business marketing operation mode and brand companies, Guangzhou shuangma is planning to set up branches in Beijing, Kunming, Hong Kong and other major cities in the country, moving forward to the direction of "specialization, standardization, internationalization" and gradually going to the world. We adhere to the concept of "character management quality" to serve customers, the interests of customers above all. Our slogan is "one minute of cooperation, one hundred percent of satisfactions". Under this business logic, we will strive to build a leading and well-known brand in the field of exhibition and lead the new development trend of the industry of "business exhibition".

Is a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales, systems in one of the high-tech enterprises. It is the core distributor of Schneider electric in central China.

The company was founded in September 1999, has the professional level and the mature technology in the automation field, in the industrial control field to rise rapidly. Relying on the development of science and technology, constantly provide users with satisfactory high-tech products, is our unremitting pursuit. On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, a series of products such as variable frequency constant pressure water supply control cabinet controlled by computer, construction elevator, industrial crane, port crane and energy saving control cabinet of air conditioning have been successfully developed. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, lifting, water supply, pharmaceutical, machinery and other industries. Mechanical equipment and many other fields. With the first-class product quality and exquisite technical service, have won the user's consistent high praise. In 2006, business volume of supporting automation projects reached more than 50 million Yuan. In the process of development, the company keeps communicating and cooperating with many domestic scientific research institutions. Its design, production, maintenance, commissioning and engineering transformation capabilities has been rapidly improved and the scale has been continuously expanded. A.

The company has been transformed from a trading company at its inception into a comprehensive technology entity, part of a trading, engineering and systems integration company. As the core distributor of Schneider electricity in France and the special distributor of Mitsubishi PLC, we enjoy comprehensive price concessions and technical support, and have excellent sales performance. Today, takeaway staff adhere to the "enterprising, realistic, rigorous, united" policy, continuous exploration and innovation, technology as the core, quality as life, customers as god, wholeheartedly to provide you with the most cost-effective self-control products, high-quality engineering design and transformation, thoughtful after-sales service.

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