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Gangli environmental protection single-shaft shredder introduction, working principle, characteristics and product selling points

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I. product introduction of Gangli single shaft shredder:

Plastic shredder is a type of solid waste special mechanical equipment environmental protection shredder machine equipment, used to tear polyethylene plastic HDPE plastic products and raw materials, is conducive to the recovery of plastic and recycled particles. For example: beverage bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, automotive gasoline bottles, plastic cans and so on.

Plastic shredder machine is also called single-axis shredder, single-axis shredder machine, is the use of moving cutlery and tableware particles fixed knife interaction, and according to the stainless steel screen control feed particle size distribution, raw materials to tear, cutting, extrusion molding will be raw materials production processing to smaller particle size distribution. Often used for the fragmentation of various solid wastes, raw materials can be produced and processed at a time to a smaller size distribution, and the market is applied to the industries of resource recycling, RDF (derived from the processing of household waste) manufacturing, waste specialization and so on. It has the characteristics of small feed size distribution, removable stainless steel screen, widespread acceptability of raw materials and high efficiency.

Ii. Principle of Gangli single shaft shredder:

The single-shaft shredder is mainly composed of the blade spindle, fixed knife, bearing box, box support, feeding system, hydraulic pushing system, power system and electrical control system. The internal design of the plastic shredder has the filter screen equipment. When the plastic shredder works normally, the filter screen has the function of removing the raw materials and the liquid. The residual liquid on the glass bottle can be used comprehensively.

Three, Gangli single-shaft shredder characteristics:

1, thick power, high crushing efficiency, CNC blade is selected alloy steel forging, solid use for a long time.

2, the frame structure board is thick, can resist extreme torque, very firm.

3, the selection of intelligent automatic control systems, set up to start, stop, turnover and overweight automatic turnover control.

4, machine equipment has low speed ratio, large rotation distance, low noise, smoke can achieve environmental protection level characteristics.

5, easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic development durable.

6, thickness of the CNC blade and the total number of class can be removed according to different raw materials.

Iv. Selling points of Gangli single shaft shredder:

1. The feeding specification is adjustable from 7-100mm, and the working capacity of the single machine version is largely up to 50t/h:

Unique CNC blade design, can be customized stainless steel screen diameter, considering the customer's production and processing of fine raw material specifications and production capacity.

2. Intelligent maintenance, convenient and fast disassembly:

GEP intelligent system invention patent, automatic moistening, intelligent detection, abnormal alarm, can not crush automated maintenance system software. The combined motor rotor can be disassembled and disassembled separately.

3, technical excellence, high-end design scheme:

Excellent fastening technology, a low repair rate; Tool materials imported from Europe, the long use period; Equipped with PLC touch screen, high-grade electrical components, strong zoning planning.

4. Safety and reliability:

Imported bearings and a variety of sealing technology, key raw materials several times conditioning and quality treatment and high precision production processing, can be trusted.

Plastic block shredding machine high efficiency, long use time, two axis plastic shredding machine strong and durable, considering different customer demand.

5. Two-year warranty

Out of the quality of the rest assured, as well as our rich experience, we Gangli ecological protection to customers solemn commitment, two years of product quality assurance. Users friends can rest assured that the purchase of Gangli environmental protection single-shaft shredder, the quality can be guaranteed, the price can talk about your satisfaction.

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