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How much is the price of a single-spindle shredder? Why is the Gangli single-spindle shredder more expensive

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With the development of economy, more and more waste plastic are produced every year in China. plastics are recyclable resources. In order to solve the problem of recycling waste plastic, the domestic shredder industry has gradually emerged. According to statistics, by the first half of 2019, China has 5,000 manufacturers engaged in the production of shredder, plastic crusher and related plastic equipment. So many manufacturers are making the same kind of equipment, it is conceivable that the quality of the equipment produced by different manufacturers is uneven, so the price will naturally have a great difference. So it's not enough to answer the question of how much a single spindle shredder costs. So let's look at how to reasonably answer the question of how much a single spindle shredder cost.

What is the price of a single-spindle shredder?

Take the model 600 single spindle shredder. First of all, different manufacturers to make a single shaft shredder in the design, material and quality are not the same, so the cost is not the same, so the final price is not the same. However, I learned from the alibaba platform and other B2B platforms that the price of the same model of 600 single-spindle shredder ranges from 25,000 Yuan to 80,000 Yuan. The price of this section has included the selling price of all the 600 model single spindle shredder manufacturers. From the price point of view, the north of the shredder manufacturers are concentrated in henna and Shandong areas of the price is relatively low, the basic price is between 25,000 and 40,000 Yuan; In another area, manufacturers in Jiangsu province produce model 600 single spindle shredder at a moderate price between 35,000 and 55,000 Yuan. In the pearl river delta region, the manufacturers here produced shredder machine and crusher prices are generally higher than the price of other regions, such as the 600 model single-spindle shredder price of 55,000 to 80,000.

Why is the price of a Gangli single shaft shredder expensive?

Here to give you a brief introduction of the company Gangli environmental protection, Gangli environmental protection is the full name of Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD., the company is located in Foshan, the company's main products are: single-axis shredder machine, double-axis shredder machine, plastic crusher, tire recycling production line, plastic cleaning recycling production line and so on. With more than 10 years of experience in the plastic crushing equipment industry, our products are exported to Europe, America and other regions and have won the praise of every user.

Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology production of 600 single-shaft shredders, the price between 60,000 and 70,000.This price is the higher one in the market. Why is the model 600 single-spindle shredder sold at such a high price? Next I will give you a simple analysis, I believe you should be able to understand why the price of Gangli environmental protection will be more expensive. Generally speaking, the reasons for the high price are as follows:

First, from the design point of view, Gangli environmental protection of the single shaft shredder is more reasonable, compact, beautiful, generous. This is due to many years of design optimization by engineers at Gangli environmental protection, which is supported by the company's investment in the development and design of engineers to optimize the design. Secondly, the main parts and components used by Gangli environmental protection company are manufactured by famous domestic and foreign brand manufacturers with stable quality and high price. For example, in the electrical field, products of Schneider and Siemens electricity are used. In terms of reducer and motor, what is used is the product that domestic has more than 50 or 60 years of enterprise production, the product price of this kind of manufacturer is compared with the product price of the same trade generally is 1 to 3 times higher; In addition, in terms of the knife roller and blade, the processing process is processed in strict accordance with the process standards. Carburizing and quenching are carried out on the cutter shaft and blade for many times to ensure the hardness of the blade, improve the service life of the blade, and save the cost of replacing the blade in the later period for users. Third, in terms of equipment and equipment, equipment, power environmental protection workers are working in machinery and equipment industry for more than a decade old employees, they're very rich experience, equipment is equipped with perfect equipment, ensure the shredding machine so he force of equipment for the production of environmental protection in the equipment after the completion of the operation is very stable, has little or no voice, when you use hand to touch the running shredding machine almost did not feel a sense of vibration. Fourth, Gangli environmental protection has a strong after-sales service team. The promise of a two-year warranty is based on the absolute confidence in our equipment and the trust in our after-sales service team. In the crushing equipment industry, in addition to Gangli environmental protection, you can also find two years of product warranty manufacturers?

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." I still believe in this saying, and I believe everyone who does business agrees with it. Because good things must be expensive, its biggest disadvantage is expensive; And the poor thing, its biggest advantage is cheap, in addition to the price, other aspects can almost become its disadvantage. We all love to compare when buying things, I understand that, but the so-called comparison, I think it should be: more than the details, more than the craft, more than the quality, more than the service, not simply "he is cheaper than you"!

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