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How to dispose of wasting pipes? Gangli environmental shredder to help you

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With the rapid development of domestic plastic pipe industry, plastic pipeline scraps and waste recycling material quantity increasing, recycled PE, ABS, PPR used in the manufacture of pipeline and the nose has become many manufacturers the problems to be resolved, some manufacturer by buying expensive low or high power efficiency to recycle plastic crushing equipment, investment and benefits do not match; Some manufacturers will waste pipe materials with manual saw into small pieces and then broken, recycling efficiency is very low; How to recycle the waste of large-caliber PE pipe economically and efficiently has become an urgent problem for PE pipe manufacturers. Foshan city environmental protection technology co., LTD., studying, continuously improve and developed the large diameter pipe automatic shredding machine, power environmental protection pipe shredding machine high automation, high production efficiency, economical and efficient recycling of large-diameter pipe scrap and the nose, waste pipe size is within the scope of the feeding box mouth can put recycling pipes, all models are not cutting, torn and broken directly, again by the conveyor belt, to the shredding machine broken bin, shredded material can be directly after granulation production, greatly improving the recovery time, shorten recovery link, improve work efficiency, reduce the transportation cost.

Foshan Gangli environmental shredding machine has strong shredding ability, easy operation, stable performance, durability and other characteristics, Gangli environmental shredding machine adopts exquisite technology, has a hydraulic driven forced feeding device, used for crushing all kinds of thick wall waste materials, scrap scrap recycling, for extra thick, toughness, large materials, Models, shuikou materials, gate material, large glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe fitting, large-diameter thick wall pipe, PE head PE material, glass fiber reinforced plastic packaging barrels, bale packaging glass reinforced plastics thin film, large bundle packing tons bag bag bag, roll film, paper, fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic box basket, glass fiber reinforced plastic trash can, TV chassis shell, electricity, printer, forklift truck plate, plastic card board, glass fiber reinforced plastic turnover box, scrap metal scrap, pig iron powder, alloy type, ferrosilicon powder, bottle caps, cans, circuit boards, scrap mobile phone batteries and other metal material of broken, crushed effectively, suitable for various material crushing recycled glass reinforced plastics, rubber, wood, The blade material of gangli environmental protection shredder is pure imported alloy tool steel DC53, which has high hardness, strong wear resistance and impact resistance. Solid waste crushing equipment is widely used in the shredding of metal scrap, utilized in the shredding stage of scrap metal recovery process, the scrap metal after shredding is small in size, convenient for transportation and packaging. Has played a major role in reducing volume.

Foshan gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD has been developing, producing and selling shredding machines for more than ten years. With rich experience and advanced technology, Gangli environmental protection makes shredding machines achieve satisfactory size of materials by cutting, tearing and extrusion, reducing the floor area, reducing transportation cost, and making materials recycled for reuse. Gangli environmental protection factory has strong technical force, excellent processing equipment, perfect service facilities, abide by the contract, provide technical guidance, management and excellent after-sales service, we welcome you to come to the factory at any time to inspect, test, test the machine.

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