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Notes for daily use of plastic crusher and maintenance of plastic crusher

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The plastic crusher plays a crushing role in the recycling and reproduction of waste plastic, waste rubber and other recyclable resources. The particle size of the material crushed by the plastic crusher is much lower than the particle size broken by the shredder. So the use of plastic crusher is very extensive, but also very important. So, plastic crusher in the daily use of the process should give attention to what things? How should it maintains and maintained in daily use? Let me give you a brief introduction of the plastic crusher utilize process of attention to things and its maintenance and maintenance.

Notes for daily use of plastic crusher

1. Before starting the plastic crusher, check whether there are impurities or large hard plastic in the crushing room, and then make the knife roll rotate two or three times by means of pinching. The machine can be started only after the movement is confirmed to be flexible. Wait for the crusher to operate normally before feeding.

2. Before the operation of the plastic crusher is stopped, the feeding shall be stopped and the material in the plastic crusher shall be discharged, and then the electric motor power shall be cut off.

3, in the operation to pay attention to the bearing temperature, must keep the bearing in a good state of lubrication, and pay attention to the sound and vibration is not abnormal .When abnormal conditions are found, stop the machine to check whether it is stuck by non-breakable objects or damaged parts.

4, to maintain the plastic crusher feed uniform, prevent overloading. Strictly prevent metal or other hard things that cannot be broken into the crushing chamber.

5. Check whether the particle size of the broken product meets the requirements.If there are too many particles exceeding the specified size, the causes should be found out (for example, the mesh aperture is too large, the plastic crusher tool wears seriously, etc.), and the corresponding measures should be taken to eliminate them.

6. When the plastic crusher is shut down, check whether the fastening bolts are firm and the degree of wear of the parts that are easy to wear. For the teeth crusher, it is also necessary to use the parking machine to remove the hard materials between the teeth.

7. The worn parts should be replaced or repaired in time.

8, the safety device of the plastic crusher, to maintain a good state, can never save trouble, and make the safety device fail.

9, plastic crusher and power unit to be installed firmly. I f the plastic crusher is needed for long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the horizontal floor ;If the flow operation of the plastic crusher is required, the unit shall be installed on the stand made of Angle iron, and the motor of the plastic crusher and the pulley groove of the plastic crusher shall be in the same rotary plane.

10, after the installation of the plastic crusher to check the fastening of each part of the fastener, if there is loose to give to tighten .At the same time to check the belt tightness is appropriate.

11, do not replace the pulley at will, in case the speed is too high, or the speed is too low to affect the mill efficiency.

12. After starting the plastic crusher, it should keep idling for 1 to 2min, and then feed it after no abnormal phenomenon.

13, at any time in the work to pay attention to the operation of the plastic crusher, first of all, the feeding should be uniform, to prevent blocking the crushing chamber; Second, don't overwork for long .In case of vibration, noise, excessive temperature of bearing and machine body, spraying of materials, etc., please stop the machine immediately for inspection, and then continue to work after troubleshooting.


Maintenance and repair of plastic crusher

1. The plastic crusher shall be placed in a ventilated position to ensure the heat emission of the motor and extend its service life.

2. Lubricate the bearings regularly to ensure the lubricity between the bearings.

3. Regularly check the tool screws. After the new plastic crusher is used for 2 hours, tighten the moving knife and fixed knife screws with tools to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the tool rest.

4, in order to ensure the cutting tool cutting sharpness, should often check the tool, to ensure its sharpness, to reduce the blunt blade caused by other parts of the unnecessary damage.

5. When replacing the cutting tool, pay attention to adjust the gap between the moving tool and the fixed tool. The thinner the recycled material, the gap can be appropriately adjusted.

6. Before starting the second time, the remaining debris in the machine room should be cleared to reduce the starting resistance. The pulley cover should be opened regularly to clear the ash outlet under the flange, and the powder discharged from the plastic crusher room will enter the shaft bearing.

7, regularly check whether the plastic crusher belt is loose, timely tightening.

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