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Price structure analysis of single-spindle shredder and its pictures

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There are so many manufacturers producing and selling a single spindle shredder on the market, and the price is extremely different, so what causes the difference in the price of single spindle shredder produced by different manufacturers? Today we will analyze the factors that affect the price of single axis shredding machine, by the way to experience the strength of the manufacturer - Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD. Single-axis shredding machine style.

Price structural analysis of single spindle shredder

To know the impact of the single-spindle shredder price factors, first we need to know the structure of the single-spindle shredder is how.The single-shaft shredder is mainly composed of the following parts: 1. The frame of the single shaft shredder; 2.2. Power parts of the single-shaft shredder: motor and reducer;3. The knife roller of the single axis shredding machine is composed of the knife shaft and the blade of the single axis shredding machine (the blade of the single axis shredding machine is divided into moving and fixed knives);4. The hydraulic station of the single spindle shredder, namely the material pushing box of the single spindle shredder;5. The control box (electrical box) of the single-shaft shredder is mainly composed of various electrical components, mainly including the transformer, transformer, PLC intelligent system and so on.

The above understanding of the structure of a single-shaft shredder, then the analysis of the influence of a complete single-shaft shredder price factor is very simple. In a word: good goods are not cheap, inferior goods are not good.So, on the market so many single spindle shredder, the price is very different, in general, because the sale of cheap, always used no good parts. Some may disagree, but you just have to agree that the quality of expensive parts is always worse than that of cheaper parts. So, we now take Fangli environmental protection factory single-shaft shredder as an example, to analyze its price structure. First of all, for the frame part, all the frames used only are made of steel with a thickness of more than 25mm. Compared with the materials with a thickness of 15mm or 20mm utilized by other peers, the overall cost of the frame is naturally much more expensive. We can demonstrate this from the total weight of single shaft shredder of the same model and different manufacturers. If you look closely, you can find that the weight of Guangli`s environment-friendly equipment is heavier than that of others. Second, the power parts of the single-shaft shredder, the main motor and reducer, the price of these two parts is very transparent, as long as you know what brand of motor is used, reducer, so you can check the price on the Internet. Gangli environmental protection is the use of Dongguan electric, one reducer, are well-known brands in China, so on the cost of nature than some of the peer use of those who have never heard of the band to do some.

Third, the cost of the knife roller and blade. The cost that affects cutter shaft is mainly the use of material and the degree of quality control in the processing process. Take the blade for example, the imported DC53 material is used by only environmental protection, which is much better and more expensive than the common SKD11 in the industry in terms of raw material price and processing procedures. Fourth, the cost of pushing the material box. This is also more transparent, as long as you know any of these brand and model, on the Internet will naturally know the price comparison. Fifth, the electric box cost of the single shaft shredder. This is more complicated, because the electrical box contains more components. Here I have to emphasize again what I said in the front "cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap", the various electrical components of only environmental protection are using the well-known German brand shredder and Siemens, so the price is naturally higher than some manufacturers used some unknown brand with poor quality. Finally, the most important factor influencing the price of a single-spindle shredder is the manufacturer's design cost, quality control cost, production management cost and after-sales service cost, which consumers can not see and rarely care about the hidden cost. Take comfort environmental protection as an example, what they promised is a two-year warranty, and the after-sales terms are written into the contract. It is expected that the quality is absolutely reliable, which also reflects that their design cost and quality control cost are higher than those of other manufacturers .The above with Gangli environmental protection factory single-axis shredder machine as an example with you to analyze the price of a single-axis shredder machine, I believe that how much you understand the factors affecting the price. In general or a sentence: "good goods are not cheap, cheap goods are not good."The following or to the factory of Gangli environmental protection single-shaft shredder to show you a nice equipment style.

Picture of a single-spindle shredder

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