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Promise of after-sale service of Gangli environmental protection technology

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Dear users,

Foshan city environmental protection technology co., LTD., specializing in the production of crusher, single shredder shredding machine, biaxial shredding machine, four axis shredding machine clean plastic recycling production line, the membrane cleaning recycling production line, the tire recycling production line, the car shell recycling production line, appliance recycling production line and other products, widely used in industry of plastic, rubber, paper, wire and cable, car shell, household appliances shell, cans, woven bags, glass fiber, and the recovery of production of all kinds of composite materials.

In order to thank you for using the products of Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD., we will try our best to provide perfect, scientific, rapid and high-quality after-sales service, and provide long-term consulting and technical services. To this end, we have formulated the following service measures.

I. services of the company

Whether under warranty or warranty, equipment failure, after the user's phone, general issues feedback in 1 hour, in case of a complex problem manufacturers in the pearl river delta within 6 hours, after receipt of the notification of GuangDong province within 12 hours, 48 hours outside the province arrived at the scene processing, such as safety emergency, we immediately after receipt of the notice sent to the scene to provide support.

Second, the service concept

Service tenet: god rewards diligence, business reward letter, customer first

Service purpose: to ensure the stable, accurate and efficient operation of the equipment

Service concept: urgent customer urgent, customer demand is our pursuit

Service commitment: high quality and efficient, patient and warm-hearted, thorough and thoughtful until the problem is solved, until the customer is satisfied

Iii. Technical services

1. Provide users with technical professional guidance and technical consultation

2. Organize engineering technical service personnel to carry out regular tracking service

3. Provide users with technical guidance and use methods of the equipment

Iv. Warranty service:

1. All products purchased by the company shall be guaranteed for two years (or according to the term agreed in the contract) from the date the user signs for receipt. The whole equipment is repaired free of charge within the warranty period (except for fragile parts).Free on-site maintenance and commissioning services are available within the warranty period.

2. According to the after-sales commitment of our company, free warranty service will be provided for the quality problems of the equipment during the warranty period from the date of signing for the customer. If there is any problem after the warranty period, the company will provide technical support and only charge replacement material cost and labor cost.

3. The user can report to the technical service center of the company by telephone or fax letter, and can consult the service hotline to remove the fault. If the fault still cannot be eliminated, the user agrees on the time and place, our company will send the technical service personnel to provide services to eliminate the fault and enable the user's equipment to resume normal work.

For the following reasons, the company will provide paid maintenance and only charge the cost of materials:

1. Damage caused by irresistible natural phenomena;

2. Failure or damage caused by improper human operation;

Iv. In addition, if the applicable laws and regulations of the state provide otherwise, the company shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Five, maintenance, complaint tel: 0757-87335818

Vi. Company reputation commitment

1. Our company is an innovative enterprise of solid waste recycling equipment in Foshan city, Guangdong province.

2. The main business of our company is to independently develop, independently produce and independently sell equipment and technical services related to solid waste recycling.

3. Our company has absolute development strength to ensure the leading level of development projects.

4. Our company has a quality inspection department under the direct leadership of the general manager to ensure the reliability of ex-factory products.

5. Our company has a special technical support department to ensure the after-sales service channel is fast and efficient.

Vii. Pre-sale service commitment

1. Provide professional consultation. We promise to answer any technical questions you may have within 24 hours.

2. Provide technical solutions .We guarantee that we will provide a suitable technical solution for you within 24 hours.

3. Provide reasonable quotation .We can assure you of a reasonable offer for the goods you require within 24 hours.

4. Provide inspection reception. We promise to receive your inspection at any time and welcome you to bring materials to test the machine at any time, and provide you with all the convenience you require for your inspection work.

Viii. On-sale service commitment

1. We promise to sign a fair, legal and reasonable sales contract with you.

2. We guarantee that all the terms and conditions of the contract will be strictly implemented regardless of the contract quantity and quantity.

We guarantee punctuality, quality and quantity to strictly execute all the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract.

4. We promise to provide you with installation, commissioning, training and other services according to the contract.

9. After-sales service

1. We guarantee that you will be instructed by telephone within 8 hours to correct the simple faults of the equipment by yourself.

2. In case the telephone service fails to solve the problem, we promise to be on the spot within 2 hours in Foshan city, within 12 hours in Guangdong province, and within 24 hours in other provinces and cities, so that the damaged equipment can be repaired.

Our quality commitment is: "2 years warranty, life - long maintenance" .In the future, Foshan  Gangli environmental protection technology co., ltd. will continue to adhere to three star services, namely: pre-sale to provide professional product consulting, detailed technical information and warm and thoughtful reception; To provide comprehensive and systematic product technical training; After - sales services throughout the country to provide timely product technical services.


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