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Shred machine distribution cabinet introduction and its advantages

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I often hear that there are some users in the purchase of a shredder machine in order to save thousands of dollars and not with the manufacturer to purchase a shredder machine distribution cabinet (PLC intelligent control system).In fact, the distribution cabinet that PLC control system is an integral part of the shredder. The following minute make up for you to simply introduce the shredder machine distribution cabinet and its advantages.

Shredder power distribution cabinet (PLC control system) introduction

We often say the shredding machine cabinet, the PLC control system, based on field bus technology, and fully open, the use of advanced software and hardware technology, flexible, safe and reliable structure, convenient installation, simple maintenance and greatly save the cost, meet all kinds of small and medium-sized process control, sequential logic control and data acquisition task requirements of control and test system, and is widely used for manufacturing various process procedure in the production process control and electrical intelligent automatic control and frequency conversion energy-saving control.

The working process of the shredder is that the material enters into the interior of the shredding box through the feeding system, the box is loaded with shredding blade, the material is pushed to the vicinity of the blade, the material is torn into small pieces by the shredding blade, extruding, shearing and other comprehensive effects, and the material is discharged from the discharge mouth. In the operation process of shredding machine equipment, the distribution cabinet should protect the normal operation of the motor. When the material is blocked or there is unbreakable waste, it should stop and then automatically reverse the function of spitting out the material. It can stop automatically in case of emergency.

PLC complex control system Compared to tradition control system’s advantage


 It is through the Internet to carry out decentralized control, centralized management. Compared with the traditional distribution cabinet with the same function, it is more convenient and labor-saving.

2, more complete hardware facilities, more expedient to use, easy to operate. PLC programming system derivative products in the industry have formed a standardized, serialized, modular, a variety of hardware device, fully meet the needs of users. The factory can accord to the actual use of the PLC programming system for flexible combination, to complete different tasks. PLC programming controller is more convenient than the traditional relay connection, which directly USES the connection port to communicate with the external connection. At the same time, PLC load capacity is also very strong. General electromagnetic valve, and ac contactor can be directly driven.

3, higher reliability, stronger anti-interference ability, conventional relay, intermediate relay, time relay, counter, such as the traditional distribution cabinet components, it is easy to cause system failure due to poor contact.

4, PLC integrated distribution cabinet is different, the emergence of PLC programming system makes various types of relays become the past, only need some other small amount of hardware, the reduction of contact points will directly reduce the possibility of failure to the minimum.

5 comprehensive distribution cabinets, PLC is in the case of perfect combination of software and hardware, thus there is interference to rule out a series of hardware, whatever the industrial site can very good deal with PLC integrated distribution cabinets, PLC integrated distribution now is highly recognized by industry as one of the most reliable industrial complete sets of control system equipment.

6, maintenance is more convenient and control system will be damaged, but the PLC integrated distribution cabinet due to the reduction of hardware, programming system control, so that the possibility of failure is greatly reduced. Once the system has a breakdown, it can also be displayed in time through the computer system, without wasting a lot of maintenance time.

7, occupies a small area, the installation is fast for the industrial site some relatively complex control phenomenon, the use of PLC integrated distribution cabinet, reduced the existence of a large number of relays, so down the volume of the whole cabinet is also greatly reduced, a similar function of the PLC integrated distribution cabinet volume is approximately equivalent to the traditional distribution cabinet 1/3 -- 1/8.Because of the reduction of relays, the amount of wiring is also decreased, which saves a lot of installation time and reduces installation costs.

8, advantages of industrial Internet PLC integrated distribution cabinet can be connected with computers and all kinds of intelligent instruments through the PLC programming system, so as to achieve remote control and centralized management. At the same time, the computer terminal will also show the running state and the working process of the mechanical equipment, reducing the manual supervision of the site, and bringing great convenience to the factory production management and equipment maintenance.

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