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Shred machine features and just out of the factory shred machine before use must see matters needing attention

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In the process of social development, a large number of plastics have been used, which leads to a large number of plastic that need to be recycled. Shredder is the most efficient plastic recycling equipment in the process of waste plastic recycling. So, shred machine has what kind of characteristics and the new factory shred machine before the actual plastic should pay attention to what matters?

Shred machine features

1, heavy moving knife, high crushing power, tools are made of alloy steel casting. Solid service life is long.

2. The thick frame plate can resist high torque and is very strong.

3, the use of microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set to start, stops, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.

4, the equipment has low speed, large torque, low noise, dust can meet the environmental standards.

5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

6. The thickness of the cutter and the number of class can be changed according to different materials.

According to the structure of shredder, it can be divided into:

Single axis shredding machine, double axis shredding machine, four axis shredding machine, vertical shredding machine, horizontal shredding machine, etc.

Points for attention before use of freshly made shredder

1. Basic operating principles of shredder:

For whatever reason, the host must be started without load.

2. Preparation before starting the machine:

2.1. The outgoing line of the motor shall be connected to the wiring place of the electric control cabinet according to the serial number marked on the line head. The outgoing line of the control cabinet shall be divided into four lines.

2.2. Gear oil shall be added before the reducer works, and the amount added shall be two-thirds of the oil meter.

3. Shred system startup principle:

3.1 first peripheral equipment and then main equipment;

3.2. Auxiliary equipment before processing equipment.

3.3. Auxiliary equipment before processing equipment.

4. Startup procedure:

Electric control start switch, idling operation for one minute to check the machine no abnormal, can start to feed.

5. Production process control:

5.1. After the shredder starts, check the ammeter pointer. If there is not any abnormality when the ammeter pointer returns from the maximum value to the minimum value, the feeding will start.

5.2. Gradually increase the feeding amount according to the current of the main motor until the current of the main motor reaches and stabilizes at 85-95% of the rated value;

5.3. Pay attention to the change of current at any time in the crushing process, adjust the feeding amount in time to ensure the best load;

5.4. During operation, the warehouse inspector shall check the particle size of crushed materials at any time, and stop the machine for inspection if there is any abnormality;

5.5. It is strictly prohibited to climb up and tear apart the machine body in the crushing process;

6. Work after shutdown:

6.1. Inspect the shredder after shutdown, and solve the problem in time;

6.2. Clean up the equipment and the surrounding environment after shutdown;

6.3. Put away tools and materials and store them at a designated place;

6.4. Carefully fill in and crush the work records and do the shift work.

7. Emergency handling procedures:

7.1. The power is suddenly cut off, and the power is started according to the startup procedure without load;

7.2 before the operation of the shredder, grease must be added. The amount of oil added by the bearing seat ensures that 1/3 grease is inside the bearing cavity. Too much oil will cause poor heat dissipation, which will cause damage to the bearing.

Before using the shredder machine we must carefully look at the shredder machine instructions oh, so as to better safety specifications of the use of shredder machine If you are unable to deal with the situation in the process of using the shredder, please contact the staff of the after-sales service department of Gangli environmental protection for help. The telephone number of Gangli environmental after-sales service department is 0757-87335818




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