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Shredding machine how to check maintenance do the following four points is enough

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Plastic shredder is a kind of heavy mechanical equipment for crushing and tearing materials. The working environment of this equipment is very strict. First of all, the reducer of the shredder works at the temperature of 20℃~40℃. If the temperature is too high, the reducer will be damaged easily. Do not use high pressure water gun and other materials with too big impact force to clean the reducer of the shredder, so as not to cause damage. The reducer should be timely to add lubricating oil to protect. Shred machine blade as an important part of the shred machine, if the use of wear or blunt will be timely repair grinding or replacement, shred machine multi-claw has to be timely maintenance, in peacetime also to do the inspection and maintenance of shred machine blade.

The shredding machine has a unique hydraulic sliding cover design, which will play a safer and more convenient role in operation.

So how to shred machine inspection and maintenance at ordinary times? Do the following four things well

I. inspection of shredding machine is also strict:

1. Check the oil supply condition of the dry oil pump and its pipelines.

2. Whether the position adjustment of wedge adjustment block meets the design technical requirements.

3, observe whether there is a place where the CARDS touch each other, everything is normal before starting up.

4. Confirm the rotation direction. The motor can be tested for 2 hours without load, and the bearing temperature can be checked.

6, make the flywheel avoid the dead point, so that the startup can overcome its inertia.

7. Install the triangle belt and adjust its tension degree and the parallelism between the two wheels.

8, shred machine before starting, must first start the dry oil pump, to each lubrication point for refueling.

9. The no-load trial operation is transferred to 4h. The shredder should meet the following requirements during operation:

There shall be no abnormal sound between the bracket and the bracket seat.

Three, lock spring and pull rod between should not have bigger sound.

The bearing temperature rise shall not be greater than 30℃.There must be no abnormal fluctuations.

The above is the daily inspection and maintenance of users in the process of using the shredding machine. If the shredding machine has a very abnormal fault, please contact the service business in time to solve it. Please do not dismantle the machine for maintenance by yourself.

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