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The characteristics and maintenance of the refrigerator shredder

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1. The refrigerator shredder has the following characteristics:

1. Low speed, low noise and low dust

2. Strong and durable structure, refrigerator double shaft shredder, impact buffer

3. Wear resistant heat treatment alloy sheet

4. Large power, how much refrigerator shredding machine, high efficiency

5. Wide adaptability of materials and low operating cost

6. The sensor automatically detects the material accumulation and blockage. If the blockage occurs, the rotating shaft will stop cutting and reverse to clear the blocked material

7. The discharging method can be customized

8. When the impact sensor detects that the rotating shaft is in contact with more than ordinary hard objects in the material to be broken, the sensor will send a stop signal to the machine .And the host light up a red alert.

Due to the centrifugal force and the negative pressure in the lower chamber of the refrigerator shredder, the fine materials fall into the lower chamber through the screen and are forced to be sucked away by the fan, which then sends them to the unloader. The environmental protection effect of dust removal will absorb the dust. The refrigerator shredder factory has no dust in the whole operation process.

The feeding mouth of wasting refrigerator shredder adopts wood powder granule. The machine body adopts all stainless steel door cover, chute and feeder. Feed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation feed, guarantee feed uniformity, guarantees the life of mechanical equipment to prolong, product quality to improve, ton consumption cost to reduce. Advanced manufacturing process can be used for your various waste refrigerator crusher to customize a variety of good raw materials for the mold. Waste refrigerator crusher has effectively solved the defects of hard pelleting and poor effect of raw material and crude fiber. Refrigerator shredder

Ii. Maintenance tips of shredding machine:

1. The sharp Angle of the blade can be used in reverse Angle adjustment after blunt use. If both corners of one end of the blade have been worn, it should be used in reverse. During Angle adjustment or u-turn, all blades should be carried out simultaneously to maintain the balance of the rotor.

2, the screen should be replaced after wearing or damage. When installing the screen, the burr side of the screen hole should be turned in, the smooth side should be turned out, and the screen and screen frame should be fitted closely.

3. After each shift, the inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned to remove dust and dirt, so as to avoid rusting of the machine, blockage of the sieve and dust and dirt entering the bearing.

4. Check, clean and lubricate bearings regularly.

5. If the machine parts are found to be seriously worn or damaged, they should be repaired and replaced in time, and the repaired rotor should be balanced.

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