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The function and working principle of Gangli environmental protection single shaft shredder are introduced

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One, Gangli environmental protection single shaft shredder function

Gangli S series single spindle shredder is suitable for shredding and recycling all kinds of solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers, plastic buckets, plastic film, fiber, paper and other plastic products or plastic related products.

Waste plastic shred processing is an essential and important process in the solid waste recycling industry. The purpose is to clean waste plastic shred after convenient, separate the debris and again into smaller particles, so as to make plastic production raw materials.

Gangli S series single shaft shredder is a kind of solid waste and volume reduction mechanical environmental shredder equipment, used for shredding all kinds of plastic products and materials, conducive to plastic recovery and reuse of plastic particles, etc., the output is about 500 kg/h to 5000 kg/h. Users can choose different models according to their needs.

Working principle and structural characteristics of single shaft shredder

The single shaft shredder is composed of the machine body, the motor, the reducer, the feeding port, the crushing chamber, the pushing box, the screen and so on.

The material to be broken is put into the crushing chamber from the feed inlet, and pushed to the high-speed knife roller of the material pushing box device inside the chassis. The material is reduced by moving and fixed knives, so that the material is broken until it is smaller than the aperture of the sieve.

Gangli S series single shaft shredder is firm and durable. The machine adopts the structure of compact small blade, and is provided with the mechanism of pushing the material box, which has the advantages of low speed, low noise, large torque, high efficiency and energy saving. The machine knife body of this series adopts high alloy DC53 and D2 materials, which have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, good toughness, not easy to break and wear resistance, etc., and can guarantee the sharp blade in the work, and it is very convenient to disassemble, repair and maintain. This series of machines is equipped with overload protection for machines and electrical appliances.

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