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The function and working principle of the double shaft shredder are introduced

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One, Gangli environmental protection dual shaft shredder function

The double shaft shredder can be used for shredding plastic, rubber, large tires, rubber head material, car bumper and shell, large pipe, wood, electrical parts, cables, circuit boards, plastic buckets and other objects that are difficult to be broken.

Waste plastic shred processing is an essential and important process in the solid waste recycling industry. The purpose is to clean waste plastic shred after convenient, separate the debris and again into smaller particles, so as to make plastic production raw materials.

The machine is expected to be very durable and can be used normally in harsh environments. Gangli solid waste shredder has a variety of models, which can be designed according to different customer needs and unique material properties, and can be used with other equipment.

Working principle and structural characteristics of the two-axis shredder

The two-axis shredder consists of a crushing chamber, a blade group, a Siemens motor and an electrical system, a reducer and a frame. It is applicable to the crushing of solid waste such as waste plastic, electronic waste, urban waste, household waste, kitchen waste, medical waste and all kinds of wood. The crushing output can reach 50T/h.

Blades of Gangli environmental protection double-axis shredder are meshed blades, forming a pair of rollers. When the metal enters into the interior of the double-axis shredder, the rollers move in opposite directions to each other to shred the metal blocks. When unable to shred time, the two-axis shred machine equipment will be intelligent rotation, spit out the raw material, in the head bite. When the material enters into the shred bin, the two-axis shred machine equipment will intelligently shred from the thin material position, and so on, until the material mouth parts completely shred stop. In fact, the core principle of the two-axis shredder is to use the basic principle of cutting tools, under the drive of low speed and large torque motor, the hammer head on the main rotor in turn hit into the cavity to be broken things, will be broken into the specifications of the broken things.

Gangli environmental protection two-shaft shredder is firm and durable. It gets the advantages of low speed, low noise, large torque, high efficiency and energy saving. The spindle adopts 40Cr of dachas special steel, overall tempered surface hardening, and 42CrMo of high quality die steel for moving knife. The hardness hrc54-56 is treated with cryogenic treatment after overall quenching. The tool has the characteristics of high hardness, good toughness, not easy to break and wear resistance, and can ensure a sharp blade in the work, which is very convenient for disassembly, repair and maintenance. This series of machines is equipped with overload protection for machines and electrical appliances.

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