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The introduction and advantages of automatic tire crushing recovery production line

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Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., ltd. To provide you with wasting tire intelligent crushing system overall solution .As a domestic manufacturer of intelligent solid waste tire crushing equipment, Foshan Gangli environmental protection co., ltd. Has successively delivered automatically crushing equipment production lines for many domestic and foreign environmental protection enterprises and rubber tire resource recycling companies.


1. Related supporting equipment of automatic tire crushing recovery production line:

The overall working process of the automatic tire crushing recovery production line is divided into the following steps:

1. Wire drawing machine: pull the steel wire from the wire ring so that the tire can be torn directly by the shredder in the next process;

2. Shredding machine: shredding machine will tear the whole tire into 3-8cm rubber blocks after drawing;

3. Steel wire separator: 3~8cm rubber blocks are processed into 10-15mm rubber particles, and steel wire and rubber are separated at the same time;

4. Vibrating screen: separate rubber particles of different sizes, and send the oversized particles back to the rubber powder machine for secondary crushing;

5. Magnetic separator: remove the remaining fine steel wire;

6. Rubber granule machine: rubber from the steel wire separator, the particle size can reach 1mm after crushing. It then filters and recycled to a finer size. Thanks to the superior design of the granulator, high-quality particles of the same size can be produced. During the granulation process, 99% of the fiber is deleted.

7. Fiber separator: remove foreign matter and fiber.


2. Advantages of the automatic tire crushing recovery production line:

1. Flexible, suitable for material treatment of different specifications.

2. Strong operability, manual and practical operation, easier to control.

3. Reasonable design, easy operation and maintenance.

4. It can effectively guarantee the quality of discharging while reducing the cost.


3. Brief introduction to the main equipment of automatic tire crushing recovery production line:

1. Application of wire drawing machine:

The wire is pulled from the tire rim so that the tire can be torn directly by the shredder in the next step. Can provide protection for shredder, prolong the service life, improve the shredder work efficiency.

2. Structure of tire drawing machine:

This machine is composed of a motor, hydraulic system and retractor.

Principle of tire drawing machine:

The motor drives the hydraulic system and the oil cylinder, and the retractor is attached to the rod of the oil cylinder. The movement of the oil pump and the oil cylinder makes the retractor move back and forth. Put the tire in the pull, pull out the pull hook the tire inner ring steel wire position after the start button .Due to the fierce tension of the oil cylinder, the steel wire will be pulled out as a whole, and the tire side because of the role of the pull to tear the rubber, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the steel wire.

3. Tire steel wire separator:

Rubber blocks within 3~8cm were processed into 10-15mm rubber particles, and the steel wire and rubber were separated at the same time.


4. Features of tire steel wire separator:

1. Feeding is 3~8cm rubber blocks, and the discharging is 10=15mm rubber particles. Single machine output is 500-10000kg/h.

2. The rubber block with steel wire can be processed into rubber particles, and the steel wire and rubber can be divided at the same time. Owing to the special design of moving knife and fixed knife, the machine has high working efficiency, stronger rigidity, higher wear resistance and longer service life.

3. Humanized design, more safe, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

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