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Why is our neighbor Japan so efficient in waste paper utilization and the relationship between waste paper recycling and shredder or plastic crusher

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We all know that the waste paper produced in our daily life can be recycled, which is why a group of waste paper collectors have been created. You must remember when you were a child, you had to dig up all the waste paper in your home and sell it to the recycling staff to get a few cents of pocket money. But in China, the recycling rate of waste paper is far less than that of our neighbor Japan. Why is that?

Next, I will introduce the basic concepts and processes of waste separation in Japan, as well as best practices in recycling and quality assurance of waste paper. Japan is one of the countries with the best garbage classification in the world, and its recycling society index has been included in the reference of China's "waste-free city" construction index system.

A sound legal system

Japan has a comprehensive legal system for waste disposal and recycling, which establishes basic principles, national measures, and clarifies the responsibilities of the central/local government, business, and citizens; There are also separate provisions on measures for waste disposal, as well as measures for effective utilization and promotion.


For the specific recycling products with different characteristics,

 there are also corresponding laws and regulations, mainly including "containers and packaging", "household appliances", "food", "scrapped cars", "small household appliances" and so on.

Main categories of garbage classification

Generally speaking, according to "burnable garbage", "non-burnable garbage", "large parts garbage", "recyclables" and other categories of recycling. Among them, recyclables include waste paper, cans, containers and so on.

Waste paper will be recycled according to different subdivision types (sources, paper species, etc.), such as OCC, ONP, OMG, etc .Regions and cities will also have more detailed and tailored classification rules.

In the recycling stage after garbage classification, taking waste paper as an example, Japan's development in channels, promotion, standards and technologies is also worthy of reference and reference. The following is the detailed introduction:

In homes and urban centers and small-scale waste paper production sites (office buildings, stations, etc.), recycling channels are usually composed of local governments, local agencies, designated recycling sites, and private recyclers. Large waste paper production sites such as carton factories, publishing houses, department stores and supermarkets are handled by professional recycling companies.

They are then sold to paper mills or for export through dealers and trading companies. There is also a part of large waste paper produced directly with the dealer contact. Generally speaking, the distributor owns the packaging plant.

Across Japan, there are currently about 2,000 packaging plants. From the point of view of recycling promotion, as early as 1974, Japan set up a recycling promotion center for waste paper, including 35 paper enterprises and more than 500 waste paper wholesalers. The purpose of the center is to promote cooperation between enterprises related to the industrial chain, develop common standards, and cooperate with the government (especially with local governments), industrial public relations, etc. For example, seminars related to the government, recycling practitioners, etc., as well as recycling lectures for school students, and essay competitions related to recycling.

In terms of waste paper standards, the recycling promotion center sets standards for five main waste paper categories: ONP, OCC, OMG, SOP, classified household waste paper and paperboard, mainly from the types and ratios of prohibited materials in the entrapment, the mixing ratio of different recycled waste paper, and the moisture content.

In terms of quality, Japan waste paper association also launched the certification system j-brand, which is used to certify OCC and ONP. Through the unified certification to improve quality and promote recycling, but also in line with the quality standards proposed by the Japan waste paper recycling promotion center. In addition, as an industrial equipment power, Japanese manufacturers are also in the recycling industry to continue to optimize the processing technology.


Asia includes China's inter-governmental cooperation on waste recovery

Finally, it is worth mentioning that since 2009, the Japanese government has been working with the Japan paper association and related industries to promote the overall recycling level of waste paper in Asia by introducing and sharing Japan's recycling experience and technologies. The stage of relevant cooperation projects with China is from 2009 to 2011, and the period of cooperation with major countries in southeast Asia is basically from 2012 to 2017.Starting in 2018, the cooperation project with India is expected to assist and promote the establishment of a more efficient waste paper recycling system in India.


The relationship between waste paper recycling and shredder or plastic crusher

The above introduces so much about Japan this country to the waste paper recycling, so in the waste paper recycling and our shredder and plastic crusher have what relationship?

In fact, in the recycling process, there is a kind of equipment is essential, that is our shredder and plastic crusher. The recovered paper is broken into smaller pieces by a shredder or plastic crusher before it can be recycled in other ways. So, shredder and plastic crusher is an indispensable waste paper recycling process processing equipment, is also the first process of waste paper recycling process.

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