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Affected by the covid-19 outbreak, the overall efficiency of China's plastic machinery industry has declined

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According to the China plastics machinery industry association analysis, the influence of COVID - 19 health event, 2020 Chinese plastic machinery industry affected by health benefits in 1 ~ 2 month in the decline of the Chinese plastic machinery industry benefits: revenue decline in 5.539 billion China plastic machinery industry affected by the health benefits (yuan, similarly hereinafter), fell 33.48% year-on-year; The total profit of China's plastic machine industry declined by 84.54% year-on-year due to the health incident, with a total profit of 79 million yuan. Operating income margin fell to 1.43%;The profit of the plastic machine industry in China decreased by 28,516 units, down by 75.16% year on year. More than half of the 478 large-size plastic machine enterprises lost money, with the loss as high as 53.56%.(statistics from the national bureau of statistics)

Although the decline in 2020 Chinese plastic machinery industry affected by health benefits in the first two months of health events influence is very big, but plastic machinery as a polymer composite material industry machine tool, during the health prevention and control for the masks, goggles, protective supplies such as breathing mask, and alcohol bottle, disinfection, water bottles, spray bottle, diagnostic reagent bottles, thermometer health items and medical plate production provides vital equipment support, is the earlier one of the industry production, high rate of return to work.

As a new national infrastructure policy frequency warm wind blowing, importance to strengthen the health care industry, auto release impetus for limiting consumption, electronic products renewal speed up to and develop the circular economy is imminent, predictably, the application requirement of plastic machinery industry in these areas will have large Chinese plastic machinery industry affected by the health benefits long decline in space.

Foshan, powerful environmental protection science and technology co., LTD. As a professional solid waste crushing equipment manufacturers, the company's main products are single shaft shredding machine, biaxial shredding machine, plastic crusher, straw shredding machine, automobile shredding machine, film shredding machine and so on, the company's customers are the main group of plastic recycling industry, in this outbreak, plastics recycling industry also greatly affected, so the power environmental protection have also been a certain influence, especially in 2 to 3 month, performance significantly decline. In this context, enterprises need to increase investment and innovation to make the equipment more intelligent, more energy savings and more efficient. At the same time, they are required to improve the overall quality of the equipment and extend its service life, so as to better adapt to the market demand, better serve the market and finally win a larger market.

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