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At present, the domestic shredding machine industry and the developed countries of the same five gaps

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People who have been familiar with the crushing equipment manufacturing industry know that the shredding machine originated from abroad, the foreign shredding machine developed earlier, and the technology is constantly updated and iterative, so the manufacturing level of foreign shredding machine is much higher than that of domestic. Although our country shred mechanism manufacturing technology progress is very fast, but compared with foreign advanced technology there is still a certain gap. Nowadays, the whole world knows that China's industry is developing very fast, and everyone calls China the "world factory", but we know that we are still following in the footsteps of the developed countries in many aspects. So, for solid waste crushing equipment shredding machine this industry, we and foreign developed countries how much of a gap in the end? Below Gangli environmental small make up for you to do a simple analysis.

The obvious gap between domestic shredding machine industry and foreign countries is mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

First, there is a gap in the concept of equipment renewal

Chinese shredder enterprises often spend hundreds of thousands or millions of foreign currency to buy foreign advanced equipment. In contrast, foreign enterprises do not always spend money to update their own equipment and buy new equipment, but constantly update the old equipment when conditions permit. The main content of the update is the control system. They will update the control system and key components of the old equipment to the current full closed-loop digital control. This not only improves the machining accuracy and level of the existing equipment, but also reduces the cost.

Second, there is a gap between the concept and model of development

"China's shredder industry starts with imitation and then decides what type to produce according to the needs of the plastic market," said the professional. This kind of passive decision is more suitable for the weak industry, high-quality personnel shortage, shortage of economic period. After decades of development, China's plastic machinery industry has begun to take shape, with a certain strength and the basis for further development. At the same time, plastic machinery is being used in a variety of industries. The plastics processing industry, which used to be dominated by plastic factories, no longer 

represents a buyer's market in plastic machinery. So instead of replicating the old model, think in terms of a buyer's market."

Shred machine industry and foreign obvious gap mainly reflected in what aspects?

Concerned professional personage expresses, according to international popular mode, advanced shredder machine manufacturer has penetrated direct consumption market. They continue to research, discover and discover the needs of consumer markets (both civil and industrial), develop new plastic products themselves, and then design machines and arrange technical formulations for this purpose, until they provide equipment users with turnkey projects that include processing equipment and can successfully produce new products.

This approach is completely different from the traditional "what users need, what they produce" elimination model, but a product model actively guiding market consumption. To realize this step, we need a large number of high-quality management personnel with innovative spirit. Need a large number of interdisciplinary, cross-industry high-quality science and technology personnel; There is a need for an effective, extensive and cross-sectoral social information flow system.

Third, there is a gap in competitiveness

According to the internationally recognized enterprise competitiveness evaluation method, the overall level of Chinese shred machine enterprises in terms of sales, investment returns, R&D investment, production scale and capacity is significantly lower than that of their international counterparts.

In terms of equipment products, compared with Germany, Japan, Italy and other developed industrial countries, China's shredder products are mainly characterized by low added value, few varieties, high energy consumption, low control level and unstable performance.

Fourth, there is a gap in the design concept

At present, the popular design of foreign shredding machine is based on the demand principle of products to be processed and the concept of letting users win the market, design and manufacture special equipment for equipment users. Results a large number of new technologies appeared, such as three dimensional ring tube technology, double bubble tube membrane technology, metal plastic processing technology, mixed injection technology, co-directional twin screw direct extrusion technology, melt pump and hot runner technology, gas and water assisted injection technology and so on., leading to a so-called "modular" design approach. Experts point out that most of China's plastic machinery enterprises are still following the traditional standard model and improved routine, trying to adapt to the changing market demand and lack of flexible market competitiveness.

Fifth, there is a gap in efficiency and energy conservation

High speed, high efficiency and energy saving are the themes of international shredder development in recent years. In this respect, most of China's shredder machine energy consumption is high, is the same as the foreign machine twice, the speed is generally half of the foreign equipment. The product development cycle is about three times that of foreign countries, but the product life is half that of foreign countries. Some experts point out that the energy consumption of the domestic injection molding machine is 2 ~ 4 times that of the foreign efficient all-electric injection molding machine. The production efficiency of extrusion technology, the development of high speed and high efficiency plasticizing system and the energy saving, high efficiency and rapid response of the two axis servo control system need to be further improved.

Above is Gangli environmental protection small make up for you to summarize the domestic shredding machine industry development and foreign counterparts of the five major gaps. After understanding the gap between ourselves and others, we can develop better. Since ancient times, the Chinese people have had a fine character of working hard and learning with an open mind. I am confident that in the near future, China's industry will develop very well and even surpass the industrial level of the major developed countries .At that time, the domestic shredder, plastic crusher and other solid waste crushing equipment will welcome the praise of the world.

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