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At present, there are four common methods to deal with domestic garbage

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What is living garbage? What is the disposal method of household garbage? Solid waste is generated in daily life or in the activities of providing services for daily life, as well as solid waste which is regarded as domestic waste according to laws and administrative regulations, is domestic waste.

Four major disposal methods of household garbage

1. Landfill treatment

Landfill is an effective way to absorb a large amount of urban household garbage and the ultimate disposal method of all the leftovers from the waste disposal process. Direct landfill is commonly used in China. The so-called direct landfill method is to fill the garbage into the prepared pit cover compaction, so that it occurs biological, physical, chemical changes, decomposition of organic matter, to achieve the purpose of reduction and harmless.

2. Incineration treatment

Incineration is a way of placing waste in a high temperature furnace to fully oxidize its combustible components, generating heat for power generation and heating. A waste-to-energy system developed by Westinghouse and o 'condor has been a success.

The incinerator of this system can turn waste with humidity up to 7% into dry solid for incineration, and the incineration efficiency is more than 95%. At the same time, the high temperature on the surface of the incinerator can convert the heat energy into steam, which can be utilized for heating, air conditioning equipment and steam turbines to generate electricity. The advantage of incineration treatment is that the reduction effect is good (the residue volume after incineration is reduced by more than 90%, the weight is decreased by more than 80%), and the treatment is complete.

However, incinerators are said to be extremely expensive to build and produce in the United States. In most cases, the electricity generated by the equipment is worth far less than the expected sales, leaving local governments with huge economic losses. Incineration is highly toxic and produces secondary environmental hazards due to the presence of certain metals in the garbage. Incineration requires a calorific value of more than 3.35mj /kg, otherwise, combustion additives must be added, which will increase the operating cost to a point that the general city cannot afford.

3, composting treatment

The garbage is piled up, stored and fermented at 70℃. Organic matter is decomposed into inorganic nutrients by virtue of the decomposition ability of microorganisms in the garbage. After the compost treatment, the garbage becomes the sanitary, tasteless humus. It can not only solve the way out of garbage, but also achieve the purpose of recycling. However, the amount of fertilizer in domestic garbage is large, the nutrient content is low, and long-term use is easy to cause soil compaction and groundwater quality deterioration. Therefore, the scale of compost is not easy to be too large.

4, garbage classification recycling crushing granulation regeneration

The disposal of household garbage has always been a big problem for the government. In fact, in my opinion, it is the most ideal way to turn the garbage into electricity. However, at present, the technology cost of waste incineration power generation is relatively high, which makes it difficult to popularize. The most direct method is also low return on investment, so this method is not the best one at present .At present, the best way is to sort and recycle the waste.

In fact, there are a lot of waste can be recycled through recycling and recycling .For example, the most common one is the recycling of waste plastic bottles. All kinds of plastic bottles can be recycled, such as mineral water bottles, drink bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles and so on. Still have a lot of scrap furniture is to contain more metal content in, these scrap furniture also is to have higher recycle value. These waste through the shredder (or crusher, some need to use metal shredder) and other solid waste crushing equipment after the crushing, cleaning, drying, and finally can achieve granulation.

Write at the end: the 3R principle for waste disposal

1. Reduce

(1) When shopping, try to choose items with less packaging.

(2) Carry shopping bags with you, use fewer plastic bags.

2. Reuse

(1) Used plastic food containers can be used to hold leftover food.

(2) Used glass jars can be used to hold dry goods, such as rice, beans, sugar and spices.

(3)Used cloth bags can take food home from the market.

3. Recycle the Recycle

(1) Classify garbage according to the recycling signs on the garbage bins, and encourage neighbors to do the same.

(2) Sort the recyclable rubbish so that it is easy for the dustman to distinguish it from other rubbish.

(3) Relatives and friends exchange clothes and supplies, or give unused items to others.

(4) paper, cardboard, cans and bottles can be sold to a nearby recycling station. Give useful rubbish away to recovery crews for free to encourage them to keep recycling.


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