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Brief discussion on the common plastic crusher blade material and the comparison between different materials

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Plastic crusher is indispensable in the process of crushing waste plastic and plastic products. It is a very high efficiency of a capacity reduction, crushing equipment. In the plastic crusher, the blade is easy to wear; In the maintenance of the entire equipment, the replacement cost of the blade accounts for the majority. So the choice of the right blade for consumers is no doubt a way to save money and money. So, how should we choose the material of plastic crushing blade for different materials? What are the advantages and disadvantages between blades of unusual materials? Below, Gangli environmental protection small makes up with you to talk about.

The wear of the plastic crusher blade is related to the material of the broken material. Some materials are wavy fiber, or toughness, it is necessary in order to choose a better material of the blade to break, with ordinary blades, may cause serious loss of the blade. There is also a case that the defective nozzle material contains metal material, such as iron nails, copper wire, etc., which is also easy to cause damage to the blade, so when the material is broken, check to separate the metal material.

The first two belong to the common blade, which is generally used to break the conventional nozzle material, which does not contain fiber and corrosive material.Skd-11 blades are made of superior hardness, strong toughness and very sharp, which can break hard rubber head materials and materials that are difficult to break. Tungsten steel is hard and has strong corrosion resistance. It uses for crushing materials with high wave-fiber or corrosive properties. The dc-53 is made of sour, wear-resistant and high toughness, and is used for crushing silica gel.

9CrSi, 12cm mo vanadium, two kinds of blade price are low, the cost is relatively low, can be used for breaking general materials, disadvantages: use time is too long easy to wear.Skd-11, tungsten steel, two blade prices are high, high cost, can be used for special requirements of materials, disadvantages: high cost.Dc-53 plastic crusher equipment is used for crushing silicone and similar materials. Of course, with the progress of technology, in the future will certainly be developed with a higher hardness, more toughness, more wear resistance, more corrosion resistant blade. However, in the end, we just have to consider the material condition when choosing the blade.

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