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Brief introduction of plastic chemical barrel shredder and the matters needing attention in daily use

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Plastic chemical barrel shredding machine is simply used for breaking plastic chemical barrel shredding machine. The following small make up will be for you to do a simple introduction of the plastic chemical barrel shredder and the equipment in daily use.

Brief introduction of plastic chemical barrel shredding machine

Plastic chemical barrel shredder is equipped with a large pulley to increase the inertia of the shredder, and the type 60 plastic barrel shredder can save electric energy and the kinetic energy output of shredding. Plastic chemical barrel shredding machine gets the advantages of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable operation, low investment and high efficiency. Plastic chemical barrels shredding machine power resources recycling is of great significance and far-reaching, in the face of rapid economic growth brought about by the high consumption, high pollution and strengthening resources and environment constraints, energy shortages, carbon reduction and economic development of the game, economic transformation and development of green and axle is loud, environmental gave rise to various industry rapid growth; Furthermore, as an environmental protection industry, the recycling and reuse of important equipment plastic chemical barrel shredder will usher in a new development opportunity.

Matters needing attention in daily use of plastic chemical bucket shredder

Plastic chemical barrels shred confidential note waterproof, waterproof how to maintain? Plastic chemical barrels of shredding machine and other machinery, should pay attention to moisture proof waterproof, machine is made of iron, iron are afraid of water, although has the paint surface, large plastic buckets shredding machine, but inside a lot of places are not painted, so should pay attention to moisture proof and waterproof. When processing raw materials, we will find that Taiyuan plastic barrel shredding machine, clean things are easier to tear, shredding efficiency is higher, the quality is also better, but for wet things, such as wood plastic chemical barrel shredding machine for wet wood, shredding efficiency will be lower than dry wood. Because wet raw material shred more easily bonded together, produce a certain amount of resistance, affect the effect of shredding. And long-term processing of these wet things, will produce corrosion on the machine internal parts, easy to rust, further affect the processing efficiency. So two points should be avoided, one is the long-term processing of wet raw materials, one is often rainy. Even simple machinery in daily life, such as a bicycle, will rust and damage under the rain for a long time, so it is the basic knowledge to avoid water and water is the maintenance of the machine.

If it is not used for a long time, the bearing and other key parts can be coated with oil to prevent moisture corrosion in the air.

In a word, the maintenance of the machine is a long-term routine work, which needs persistence and patience.

The two-axis shredder is mainly composed of moving knife roller, fixed knife, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Due to its low rotating speed, plastic barrel shredder, large torque, suitable for crushing more hard or large volume of materials. Such as metal, wood, tire rubber, circuit board, waste appliances. The future development direction of the two-axis shredder is as follows:

The development direction of the industry of double-axis shredding machine in the future through the continuous application and promotion of high and new technology, improve the overall level of the double-axis shredding machine industry, continue to improve and optimize the technology, realize the localization of the equipment of the double-axis shredding machine. We will speed up the upgrading of equipment and innovation in scientific and technological research and development, expand investment in the manufacturing sector, and promote mass entrepreneurship. This is of great significance to the development of traditional industries, the sustainability and vitality of economic development, and the improvement of quality, efficiency, upgrading, and sustained and steady growth.

The above is the plastic chemical bucket shredding machine introduced by Gangli environmental protection. Due to time, many details cannot be discussed. If you have any questions or want to know more about the equipment, please contact with Gangli environmental protection staff directly.


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