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China shred machine industry current situation and future analysis

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With the development of our shared machine industry, more and more professional or non-professional factory goods are in the shared machine industry, hoping to get a piece of the pie. Today we will briefly talk about the current situation of China's shredding machine industry and the analysis of the future.

China shred machine industry status brief


Industry overview

Shred machine is a kind of equipment for tearing various heavy materials into smaller pieces.



Shredding machine is commonly used in the recycling of various waste materials, belonging to the solid waste environmental protection recycling industry. Specifically including: metal scrap recycling, car shell, tricycles, motorcycles, bicycles, leather, tires, cotton, woven bags, plastic pipes, wires and cables, scrap furniture, spring mattresses, roots and other materials that require a greater moment of shredder processing.


Classification and principle of shredding machine

3.1 single-spindle shredders:

Tear rubber - type flexible material with sharp teeth.


3.1.1 structure: feeding hopper, box, moving tool, cutting head, spacer, fixed the tool set, hopper, frame, motor, pulley, reducer and other parts.

3.1.2 principle: the material falls from the feeding hopper to the inside of the box, the moving knife rotates, and the sharp cutting head interacts with the fixed knife to tear the material into small pieces and discharge it into the lower hopper.

3.2 two-axis shredders:

It adopts independent drive of two shafts, unique structure of the cutter shaft and four-angle rotary cutter, which can avoid the phenomenon of winding shaft or stuck equipment in the production process of low rotating speed and high torque, so as to improve the production efficiency.


3.2.1 structure: feeding hopper, box, double-axis moving tool group, moving tool, spacer sleeve, fixed the tool group, hopper, frame, motor, pulley, reducer and other parts.

3.2.2 principle: the material falls from the feeding hopper to the inside of the box, two groups of moving knives rotate relative to each other, and the two groups of cross-cutting sharp knife heads interact with each other, tearing the material into small pieces and entering the hopper for discharge.

3.3 triaxial shredders:

It's a shredding machine where three sets of moving knives interact to tear huge objects into small pieces.


3.3.1 structure: feeding hopper, box, three moving tool groups, moving tool, spacer, fixed the tool group, hopper, frame, motor, pulley, reducer and other parts.

3.3.2 rainfall distribution on 10-12, principle: by leaning into the hopper material drop into the box body, a shaft moving blade sparse relative rotation, two groups of mutual crisscross the keenness of the interaction of the cutting tools, the material tear into small pieces, into the hopper discharge will bulk materials into two axis, the second shaft moving blade densely, biaxial put materials into three axis, three axis interaction between the material tear into large pieces and then continue to cut large pieces of first tear into small pieces. It can also be driven by hydraulic motors that rotate in reverse when resistance is too high.

3.4. Four-axis shredder:

It is a shredding machine with four moving knives interacting to tear large objects into small pieces.


3.4.1 structure: feeding hopper, box, four-axis moving tool group, moving tool, spacer sleeve, fixed the tool group, hopper, frame, motor, pulley, reducer and other parts.

3.4.2, principle: the material through the feed system into pieces inside box, box carrying four groups on the blade, the material after the blade ripping, extrusion, shear under the effect of comprehensive forces such as broken, torn into small pieces of material, when material less than screen hole the size of the material under the action of gravity and extrusion from the cabinet bottom sieve pore education, larger material will continue to stay in the crushing cavity broken until less than screen hole size.


Domestic market development

4.1 the Chinese shredder machine entered China after 2000 and entered a period of rapid development in 2010, mainly in the central and eastern regions and coastal areas. During this period, shredder machine production and processing plants gained a lot of benefits. Now more and more customers are engaged in the scrap recycling industry, because of the country's metal recycling policy, so that customers see unlimited business opportunities. Broad market prospects attract a lot of attention from customers.

4.2 there are 282 enterprises related to shred machine in China, including 21 in Guangdong, 12 in Jiangsu, 2 in Zhejiang, 27 in henna, 19 in Zhengzhou, 5 in gong, 3 in Jiaozuo, 8 in Hubei and 25 in Shandong. But Zhengzhou, gong, Xing yang, Jiaozuo and other areas have many non-professional shredding mechanism manufacturers are also in production, the specific number can not be counted.


Overview of foreign market development

Foreign shredder machine production started earlier, Germany and Japan in the industry leading position.

China's export shredder machine is basically sold to India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, meaner, South Africa and other African countries. With the development of China's xi 'a silk road and Shanghai maritime silk road economic belt, especially after the garbage disposal of developed countries was banned by China, it has brought development opportunities to develop countries, and foreign demand is further increasing rapidly.


Sales analysis

6.1 sales in the domestic market

6.1.1 from 2016 to 2018, the sales of domestic shredding machines are 13 billion Yuan, 23 billion Yuan and 38 billion Yuan respectively, with an average annual growth rate of 95%, with a growth rate ten times higher than the GDP growth rate. There are not many professional manufacturers in the industry. So new enterprises can have the priority to choose, which are sunrise industries that will develop rapidly in China.

6.1.2 Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces started to shred the mechanism earlier. In particular, products from mansion region have occupied a large number of domestic markets, with the sales volume reaching 8 billion Yuan in 2018.However, Jiangsu, Maanshan and Henan Zhengzhou and other places there are a lot of fees professional shredding machine manufacturers are also in the production of a shredding machine, resulting in uneven quality, the market reputation.

6.1.3 as an industrial base of machinery manufacturing, henna can manufacture all kinds of heavy industrial equipment, and the sales volume will reach 9 billion Yuan in 2018.

6.1.4 Guangdong has always been the most innovative and competitive emerging manufacturing base for heavy industry. In the shredding machine industry, Guangdong started slowly, but came from behind and is now the main base for domestic production of high-end quality shredding machines.

6.2 sales in foreign markets

Shredding machines started earlier in developing countries. Mainly from Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Japan and other developed countries, in these countries, mainly Germany and Japanese products in the majority. China’s domestic equipment has only entered the international market in recent years, India, southeast Asia, west Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions, more and more users choose the equipment made in China. China will export about 12 billion Yuan worth of shredder equipment in 2018.


Future domestic and international market demand analysis

7.1 domestic market prospects

China promulgated has (1) the "city of city appearance and environmental sanitation management ordinance (state council order no. 101, June 1992), (2) the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, effective as of April 1, 2005), (3) the city life garbage disposal and pollution prevention and control technology policy (cod [2000] no. 120), (4) the law of the People's Republic of China in the prevention and control of water pollution (take effect June 1, 2008), the strict control of solid waste emissions. In particular, recently implemented garbage classification standards have led to rapid development of the industry, and there will be a large number of professional manufacturers in the future.

7.1.1 shredding machine is widely used in the waste treatment of all walks of life. All kinds of waste treatment in the production process bring great development to the industry, and market sales will increase rapidly.

7.1.2 in the next 5-10 years, China's domestic demand for shredder equipment will basically accelerate.

7.1.3 by 2025, China's annual demand for shredder equipment will be no less than 500 billion Yuan, with an average growth rate of more than 50%.

To sum up, the market of China's shredder manufacturing industry is estimated to be 100 billion Yuan in 2030.Where there is demand, there is marketing. The huge market demand for the industry will bring fixed profits to investors in the non-standard machinery manufacturing industry.

7.2 international market prospects

In the international market, the performance of China's shredder equipment has been gradually improved, and the industry has occupied the market share of most developing countries. With the intelligent upgrading and transformation of China's machine products, the scientific and technological advantages are gradually rising. In addition, the economic development and construction of One Belt And One Road have promoted the investment scale for countries along the belt and road, as well as the prohibition of domestic waste products, all of these have brought growth opportunities to developing countries, and the international market will have a huge growth rate. The international market will continue to grow at more than 30% a year.

The future analysis


Future development trend

8.1 the process flow of shredder equipment is simple, and the market demand continues to expand.

8.2. The development direction of the equipment is simple in structure but precise in the process. Only professional manufacturers are needed to control product quality.

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