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China's waste plastic recycling and granulation industry has a bright future, which will strongly promote the development of the plastic crushing industry

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Current situation of recycled plastics granulating industry in China

Although there are some problems in the plastic particle industry, there is no denying that the plastic particle industry has become a big industry. By recycling waste plastics, the country saves energy and reduces environmental pollution. Make some people rich first, rich first leads to rich later. It provides employment opportunities for local residents and attracts a large number of migrant workers. It creates taxes for the country. Moreover, the current output value of China's plastics recycling industry is about 10 billion Yuan per year, and the domestic market demand is about 20 billion Yuan, there is still a lot of room. China is rich in plastic resources. At the beginning of the 21st century, the annual output of the main synthetic resin reached 14,000 tons, ranking the fourth in the world. During the 11th five-year plan period, the production of synthetic resin in China increased by 5%-10%.China is also a major consumer of plastics. According to statistics, its annual consumption accounts for the second place in the world, only next to the United States. However, China's per capita consumption is only 19kg, ranking the 32nd in the world, and 11%-20% of that of the industrialized countries.

The regenerated granule machine is widely used in all kinds of plastic products manufacturers, bag factory, cement bag factory, film blowing factory, etc. The production scale can be large or small, working capital can be tens of thousands of Yuan to start, the site is 100 square meters, water and electricity can be put into production, plastic particle production line composition: waste plastic classification → automatic crushing cleaning → thermoplastic molding → automatic granule cutting → finished product packaging.

What kind of material is plastic particle? What is the status of plastic particle processing? Does plastic particle machine have a future?

After the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) was held, the party stressed the importance of building a "five-in-one" society in politics, economy, society, culture and ecology, and the call of The Times for building an ecological society. Each district also learns 18 spirit actively, carry out each work.

China's renewable plastics industry started earlier, and has made great contributions to resource conservation and environmental protection. The achievements are major and the prospects are huge, but the current situation is not optimistic. China is rich in waste plastic resources, containing great wealth, but the circulation link is not free, the development and utilization of serious shortage. This industry is basically based on small workshops, practitioners in their own right, lack of communication and cooperation, backward equipment, lack of technology, poor management, new ideas, new technology, new technology, new equipment popularization is weak, it is difficult to transform to the actual productivity, the result is the product grade is low, the factory profit serious loss. Hanau plastic machine factory's new environmental protection and energy saving plastic recycling unit is recommended by the industry's top ten brands. In a few regions, the industry started earlier with more employees, which naturally formed a certain scale. The local government took advantage of the situation to cultivate a renewable plastic industrial park with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of Yuan. However, it still faced development bottlenecks such as lagging concept, lagging technology and lagging management. Regenerative plastic industry lack of flagship, professional brand rarely seen, handbag brand plastic machine in the industry has become a leading enterprise of professional brand.

Plastic particles, commonly known as plastic particles, are the raw materials for plastic storage, transportation and processing in the form of semi-finished products. Using plastic recycling machinery to process recycled particles is a new way to develop waste plastic recycling, low investment, fast income, no pollution, is an ideal project for family investment, small and medium-sized enterprises to change production, no investment risk. All kinds of plastics (agricultural film, woven bag, convenient bag, beverage bottle, plastic basin bucket, old sandals, etc.) can be processed into plastic particles, from cleaning to making particles are plastic re-vitality or plastic re-vitality automation.


The rapid development of regenerative granulation industry will promote the development of plastic crushing industry

The rapid development of waste plastic recycling and granulating industry will strongly promote the development of its upstream and downstream enterprises. Among them, the plastic crusher industry will be able to rely on the development of waste plastic recycling and granulation industry and get synchronous development. Because of the rapid development of the recycled polluting industry, there will be more demand for plastic machinery. We all know that the recycling of waste plastic granulation must go through the process of crushing, cleaning, drying, granulation and so on, so the development of the recycling granulation industry is bound to drive the development of the plastic crusher industry. In the plastic crusher industry there are many different types of models, there are single-axis shredder, there are double-axis shredder, there are plastic shredder, there are plastic shredder, there are double-roll shredder, even metal shredder, scrap car shredder machine and other large crushing equipment. In fact, each industry is characterized by mutual dependence and common development at present. The development of the regenerative granulation industry will drive the development of the plastic crusher industry and bring positive feedback to other surrounding industries. Finally, these industries can move forward together.


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