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China's waste plastic recycling status qua and plastic capacity reduction equipment dual-shaft shredder breakdown

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Current situation of waste plastic recycling in China

With the rapid development of industry and economy, environmental problems have become huge problems of domestic development, China's large population, the waste generated by each day, the problem of waste disposal to be solved, and our daily life, plastics filled with our life, can be seen everywhere the form of plastic waste, waste plastics is in civil, industrial and other USES, used and eventually eliminated or replacement for plastic. Plastic that takes 500 to 1,000 years to rot, often causing widespread pollution. China has always been an advocate of environmental protection. According to statistics, more than 93 billion plastic bottles are buried in landfills every year. However, in our daily life, plastic is so inseparable from our life that it is hard to imagine life without it. The plastic lunch boxes are used by Methuen and else. Me and other takeout platforms cause more than 30 million tons of waste plastic every year. However, with the proliferation of plastic, there is also the emergence of plastic shredder. It is a good solution to the problem of plastic flooding. Plastic shredder can quickly process the plastic into particles, so as to facilitate the reuse and recycling of plastic. Plastic shredder applicable to the application of the field: plastic steel, plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, plastic products such as leftover material.

According to relevant statistics, China produces nearly 90 million tons of plastic waste every year, but the recovery rate is less than 10%. Most of the plastic waste is buried and burned. It wastes resources and pollutes the environment. In the recycling of waste plastics, in fact, China is still in the initial stage, recycling has a long way to go, but the potential is also huge. Why China's plastic recycling industry is still in its infancy? The reasons are as follows: 1. China's waste plastics industry is jointly managed by the ministry of environmental protection, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of commerce, the general administration of customs and the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. Therefore, the industry is not clear, resulting in a lack of industry guidance, technical standards.2, plastic recycling does not have a clear recycling system, the lack of powerful recycling equipment, enterprises more difficult to recycle. As for the first point, China has already carried out research and will solve this problem as soon as possible. For the second point, we can use the two-axis shredder equipment to crush and recycle the waste plastic. The main function of the two-axis shredder is to further tear these materials into 5-10cm blocks, which can be more convenient for secondary recycling and transportation.

Plastic shredding machine by pulling the dens with structure, support, recycling bins, and four parts, the size of the device size determined by material size and material processing, plastic pieces inside the machine with filter device, when the plastic shredding machine to work normally, filter can have the effect of material and liquid separation, it can effectively use residual liquid in the bottle recycling. Working principle: the material is delivered to the running plastic shredder, which is torn by a specific blade. The equipment is designed with a filter device. When the plastic shredder is working normally, the filter screen plays the role of separating the material and the liquid, so that the liquid remaining on the bottle can be recycled effectively. In the domestic market demand is very large, so the recycling of waste plastic is a very good investment project, on the one hand to reduce the solid waste caused by environmental pollution, on the other hand to improve the value of waste plastic recycling, but also can make a profit, is a multiple choice. Understand the business opportunities of customers to start as soon as possible, early input early production high yield. Here to say more, Gangli environmental protection is a professional r & d and production of plastic shredder, plastic crusher equipment manufacturing factory, Gangli environmental protection to high quality, specializing in doing high-end quality plastic shredder, plastic crusher, we Gangli environmental protection to users solemnly promise that the equipment warranty period is two years, please rest assured to buy.


Solve the problem of plastic capacity reduction equipment double shaft shredder

Of course, with the hot two-axis shredding machine, people are using more and more, in the work we have encountered shredding machine equipment failure, so how to solve these failures?1, shred machine as a mechanical industry crushing equipment, waterproof work is particularly important.2, if the shredding machine in the process of working abnormal sound or phenomenon, we should timely close the shredding machine, after inspection and troubleshooting before starting up use.3, if the important parts of the shredder rusted, such as bearings, we should pay attention to this, this is likely to lead to the shredder's work efficiency is slow, and the friction increased, easy to tear the shredder internal wear, at this time we have to go through the rust, and then add lubricating oil to protect. In fact, the two-axis shredder is only a volume reduction machine, since it is a machine, so in the daily use of the process is to have regular maintenance, so as to ensure the working life of the two-axis shredder. Therefore, daily use of the two-axis shredder, if there are any abnormal equipment should be taken seriously, and take appropriate measures to maintain.

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