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Necessary procedures for plastic recycling and the role of shredder and crusher in the process

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For a long time, various forms of plastic products are commonly used in residents' lives. In recent years, with the development of new businesses such as e-commerce trading, express delivery and delivery, the consumption of plastic bags and plastic packaging has risen sharply, putting pressure on new resources and the environment. Indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste can lead to "white pollution" and disposal of plastic waste poses environmental risks. Plastic crusher is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the plastic recycling industry, so what role does the crusher play in the recycling of waste plastic?

First of all, what is plastic?

Plastic is a kind of high polymer organic compound, is the general name of thermoplastic material such as filling, plasticizing and coloring, belongs to a kind of high polymer organic polymer family.

Plastic classification

According to the character of plastic after forming, it is divided into 2 materials: thermal plasticity and thermosetting. Thermoplastic is a linear chain molecular structure that softens when heated and replicates many times. Thermosetting plastics also have a network of molecular structure, after thermal processing will be permanently deformed, can not happen again processing.

What's in life

Common plastic?

The material that plastic product that often USES in the life has polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester kind (PET) wait.

Its purpose is

Polyethylene styrene (including PE: HDPE and LDPE) is commonly used as a packaging material.

Polypropylene plastic (PP) are commonly used in packaging materials and rotary boxes.

Polystyrene (PS) is often used to make Styrofoam or fast food boxes;

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is often used in toys and utensils.

PET is often made into plastic bottles and so on.

Where the wastes plastic?

Plastic is an artificial substance that is difficult to destroy and breaks down very slowly in natural conditions. And the capacity of landfill plants can only be reduced from about one hundred to one hundred years of decomposition; Direct combustion, severe secondary pollution caused by the environment. When plastic burns, the black smoke produces large amounts of dioxins. As a professional waste incinerator, it is required to strictly control the temperature (above 850°c), and collects the ash after combustion and the final solid landfill. Only in this way can the emu smoke from the incinerator minimize the discharge baseline of 2000, environmental pollution.

Plastic waste is harmful, but it's not tied to "absolutely mad" recycling, which is less destructive. plastic can be recycled as raw materials, used for heating and power generation, and used as waste. The most ideal way to dispose of wasting.

Recycling and reuse of waste plastics

How to recycle waste plastic? What steps must they go through before they can recycles as plastic material?

Step 1: collect by category

This is the first step in the disposal of wasting plastic for future use.

In the process of plastic production and processing, waste plastic, such as debris, external products and waste products, can be treated singly, without pollution or aging, and collected and treated separately. Perhaps you have all seen a lot of wasting collection stations. Waste collection station is an important node of waste plastic recycling, its main function is to collect all kinds of waste plastic, in order to provide professional waste plastic processing plants for processing and production.

The second step: professional processing and production

Licensed waste plastic processing plants purchase waste plastic from major waste collection stations and begin to use special environmental protection equipment to process and treat the waste, so as to make it the raw material for plastic production.

So what is the exact process?

1. Pre-crusher -- according to the conditions of different materials, the pre-crusher can be selected to pre-crush the materials. The purpose is to ensure that the materials smaller and easier to enter the pre-washing machine for pre-cleaning and remove most of the sediment and other sundries.

2. Pre-washing machine -- the purpose is to remove most of the sediment and sundries in the original waste.

3. Shredding machine -- the purpose is to make the pre-crushed and pre-washed plastic to be further shredded, so that the plastic can be torn to a size of 40~60mm.In this approach, it is convenient for the subsequent crusher to crush and improve the working efficiency of the crusher.

4. Crusher -- the purpose of the crusher is to crush the material produced by the shredder for a second time, so as to make the granule smaller.

5. Separation and sedimentation tank -- the purpose is to separate and clean the broken material and get a clean and sundry plastic.

6, friction cleaning machines -- the purpose is to separate from the sedimentation tank out of the plastic cleaning again, get clean materials.

7, extruder, air dryer -- the purpose is to air dry the plastic from the friction cleaning machine, get dry, clean small plastic particles.

8. Plastic granulator -- the purpose is to process and granulate clean and dry small plastic particles and obtain the raw materials for plastic production.

From the above processing process can be seen, plastic shredder, plastic crusher, cleaning machine and granulator in the plastic recycling industry is an essential plastic equipment. Good shredder, crusher can significantly improve the efficiency of plastic recycling. At the same time, a good shredder, crusher can also help the granulator to get better plastic particles.

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