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Plastic recycling industry plastic classification and plastic crusher in the plastic recycling of the important role

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At present, many people in China are engaged in the recycling of plastic, but I believe that some people are still confused about the classification of recyclable plastic. Today I will take you to learn the classification of recyclable plastic and tell you about the plastic crusher in the plastic recycling process of the important role.

Plastic recycling industry in the plastic classification of the information

Here is a comprehensive classification of plastics:

1.Recycled material - waste plastic from scrap or other sources in plastic molding.

2.Recycled plastics - plastic based on recycling materials.

3.Nozzle material -- refers to the waste products generated by the flow channels, edges and corners and unqualified products in the production process of injection products.

4.Machine head material - refers to the leaking material or transition material in the production process of extruded products and cleaning material when the injection molding machine is holed.

5.Sub-brand material -- part of the plastic raw material with unqualified performance caused by the change of brand or variety in the process of synthesis of plastic raw material.

6.Submerged material - refers to material with a specific gravity greater than 1 g/cm3.In particular, it refers to plastic materials containing mineral fillings (polyolefin fillings).

7.Floating material - material with a specific gravity of less than 1 g/cm3.In particular, it refers to plastic materials (polyolefin) that do not contain mineral fillings.

8.Flower material - refers to the multi - color miscellaneous.

9.Pulverized material - a powdery material obtained by grinding plastic waste through a plastic grinder.

10.Granulating material - granular plastic material produced by a granulating device. With the different granulation device, the grain shape is also different, mainly semi-spherical, cylindrical, square and so on.

11. Scrap material -- all materials except products in the plastic molding process. For example, burr, mainstream road toughness, shunt road toughness, overflow edge, mold black residue, waste products, etc. Thermoplastic scraps can be recycled, while thermosetting scraps cannot be reused.

12.Reuse material (recycled material) - also known as crushing redrew-raw material. Is in the injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding in the production of runner material, gate material, products of flying edge material and unqualified products and other waste.

13.Spring material - re - raw material industry in thermoplastic elastomeric commonly known, the role is to increase the toughness of re - raw material. Some places are also called "jump".

14.Dead material - material that does not plasticize when heated. Generally refers to cross - linked thermoplastics. Some places are also called "raw material".

15.Melt index (MI) - the mass value of a thermoplastic resin passing through a standard capillary tube in 10 minutes, expressed in grams per 10 minutes, at a given temperature and load. Is a measure of the fluidity of a thermoplastic resin during melting. The greater the value, the better the fluidity during melting, but the tensile strength decreases.

16.Ring material -- generally refers to ABS, PS and other miscellaneous materials with metal sound.

17.Poop - refers to the waste that is removed from the filter when it is replaced and contains high levels of impurities.

18.Bubble material - a pellet formed by a plastic pellet mechanism.

19.First grade material -- material obtained by crushing or granulating nozzle material, head material, scrap material, etc.

20.Resin - when heated usually have a softening or melting range, softening, under the action of external forces have a tendency to flow, at room temperature is a solid, semi-solid or pseudo-solid polymer. Sometimes it can be a liquid polymer. In the plastic industry, any polymer that acting as a plastic substrate.

21. Reusable plastic -- plastic that can be reused for many times after molding and whose performance meets the requirements of relevant regulations.

22. Recyclable plastic -- a type of plastic that is allowed to be recycled after it has been discarded and can be reprocessed after a certain amount of treatment.

23. Non-recyclable plastic -- a type of plastic that is not allowed to be recycled after it is discarded.


Plastic crusher plays an important role in plastic recycling

Everyone engaged in the plastic recycling industry for so long. I believe you are familiar with the plastic crusher? Plastic crusher is in the plastic recycling. The role of waste plastic has broken. Why break up old plastic? Because only after the waste plastic is broken, we can use the cleaning, drying equipment to clean and dry dirt and miscellaneous waste plastic, and then can become the granulating material. You see, the plastic crusher is very important in the plastic recycling process, right? Can be in this recycling process is absolutely not plastic crusher. Of course, the waste plastic broken into smaller particles, there are many kinds of crushing equipment can choose, such as single-axis shredder, two-axis shredder, four-axis shredder, vertical crusher, toothed roll crusher, plastic crusher, and so on, each of the equipment has a lot of different sizes of models. Therefore, in the choice of crushing equipment, must choose their own materials, output and other requirements of the equipment.

Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., ltd. Has more than ten years of rich experience in the plastic crushing equipment industry. At present, the company's main products are: single-axis shredder machine, two-axis shredder machine, four-axis shredder machine, plastic crusher, plastic crushing cleaning and recycling production line, film crushing cleaning and recycling production line, tire crushing production line, household appliance shell crushing and recycling production line and so on.Gangli environmental protection only does high-end quality equipment, good equipment for users to create greater value. Our single shaft shredder machine has a worldwide warranty of two years. Welcome to test the machine.


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