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Shredding machine in the most easily worn shredding machine blade and its price

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With the rapid development of science and technology in China, China has developed into an industrial power. The emergence of heavy industrial machinery has changed the mode of production in China, greatly raising the labor productivity and reducing the costs of manual production. Machinery types are very varied, basic coverage of all industries, today Editor will give you a detailed introduction of the current waste recovery and utilization of the machine shredding machine core components are also the most easily worn shredding machine blade.

Shredding machine in the most easily worn shredding machine blade introduction

When you purchase a shredder, you should actually carefully understand the shredder blade used by the manufacturer, because the price of the shredder blade has accounted for 10%-20% of the cost of the machine itself. Shredding machine has become the main product of the renewable resources machinery industry. Compared with the traditional crusher, its power is large and its yield is greatly improved, which is in direct proportion to the speed of human beings creating living and industrial wastes.

Material commonly used for shredder blades

Shredding machines are also capable of crushing a variety of raw materials. Such as: wood, tires, plastic, film, circuit board and other different industries of various industrial waste materials. Nature’s need for blades is also important. For the hardness of the requirements, is the most important thing. Shredding machine tool, has also become one of the important objects of manufacturers research. The blades of the shredder are divided into multiple axes and single axes. The blades of the shredder are square, while the blades of the shredder are round and have claws. The number of commonly used clause includes two, three, six, eight and twelve claws. Commonly used in multi-axis shredding machine blade with biaxial and triaxial knife knife and four axis, material to choose good abrasion resistance, good toughness, high strength, strong impact resistance of steel, commonly used cutting tool material has 6 crw2si, 42 CrMo, SKD - 11, D2, DC53, LD, Cr12MoV, such as high performance special steel, raw material processing, renewable resources can meet the industry according to the customer's demand custom knives, knife shaft, spacer. Material: 6CrW2Si, 42CrMo, skd-11, D2, DC53, LD, Cr12MoV

Specifications of shredder blades

Regular specifications, spot supply, non-standard can be customized according to the drawing production;

Scope of application of shredder blade

Metal, wood, tire, plastic, film, electric board and other industries of industrial waste materials;

Features of shredder blades

Strict material selection, advanced technology, high precision, high wear resistance;

1. This product can be broken into large pieces, baskets, pipes, plates, wood, tires, cans, plastic bags, paper skins, table cloth and large rolls of film for a shaft crusher.

2, extra-thick plate precision processing of the combination of structural frame, large Angle of the strong rotation axis of the hexagon column, large diameter solid into the hopper, so you can rest assured that the input of large raw materials;

3, in the thickness, shape, arrangement and other aspects of the design and processing of unique rotary knife, strong shear force, sharp blade, can be broken with high efficiency;

4, PLC control, processing too much, with positive and reverse operation and shutdown function machine, safety measures are foolproof;

5, low speed operation, low noise, less dust;

6. The cutter is made of special alloy steel, which is firm and durable; Low transmission speed, low noise, large torque, machinery, electrical overload, more suitable for the crushing of extra-thick miscellaneous goods.

Price of shredder blades

From above we can know that the material of the shredder blade is divided into many kinds, so the price of each material must be different. For example, skd-11 material blades are the most commonly used in single-spindle shredder at present, and the price of each blade is about 50 Yuan. However, the improved DC53 material shredder blade based on skd-11 costs about 65 Yuan per knife. So, you should ask the manufacturer for the material, specifications and other information when buying the shredder blades.

Above all, shredding machine blade is the core of the shredding machine parts, good blade, can greatly improve work efficiency, small make up in this give you a little advice, in daily use after shredding machine, check, pay more attention to maintenance, machinery, after all, it is not can be endless work, so as to prolong the service life of shredding machine. For instance, 99% of the manufacturers in the industry use skd-11 material or D2 material, while we use DC53 material.DC53 is a new cold working die steel modified by Datong special steel to SKD11.It's rock well hardness can reach 62-63.Tool to achieve superior hardness, long life. Gangli environmental shredding machine has the advantages of high quality and low price, we promise to guarantee two years of quality, currently there is no second in China to make two years of warranty after sales service, it can be seen that the quality of our shredding machine is very high quality, welcome to test the machine

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