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Single shaft shredder blade introduction and daily maintenance should pay attention to four important matters

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Material introduction and processing flow introduction of single shaft shredder blade

Material introduction of blade of single shaft shredder

The blade of the single-shaft shredder is one of the most important parts of the single-shaft shredder. The blade of a single shaft shredder is an important tool for crushing operation in single shaft shredder. According to the material classification, the main processing materials of the blade of the single-shaft shredder are: Cr12mov, SKD11, D2, DC53, Ld, etc. The surface can be coated to improve the wear resistance of the blade and prolong the service life of the blade. The main coating elements are: Ti(titanium) color golden yellow.

DC53 is a new cold working die steel modified by Datong special steel to SKD11.It's rock well hardness can reach 62-63.Tool to achieve high hardness, long life. Use of DC53 blades in the single spindle shredder will reduce the frequency of blade replacement in the later stage and save costs .Our company used the blade of DC53 single shaft shredder.

Second, the single shaft shredder blade processing process

The main processing technology of the blade of a single shaft shredder mainly includes the following steps: blanking forging - annealing - cutting - quenching (tempering) - fine grinding – packaging .In the process: cutting machining is mainly by CNC machining center and lathe. The quenching process mainly consists of nitriding and quenching. Hardness is generally controlled at hrc60-63.

Four important matters should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the blade of single shaft shredder

1. Ensure the normal operation of the single-spindle shredder

To make the normal work of single shaft shredding machine blade, displays the formidable cutting effect, make the work standard and effect of precise, first of all, we must ensure the shredding machine is normal, so we before work is very important one is the shredding machine overall inspection, especially some of the important parts of safety operation, especially the place such as tooth claw, knife roller, blade lubrication effect is normal, the blade if there is a gap, etc. Because these are directly related to the normal operation of the shredder.

Two, to ensure that the process of the single shaft shredder blade and temperature can not be too high

We are in the process of single shaft shredding machine work construction personnel must have highly specialized skills, sometimes is very the attention of the single shaft running situation of shredding machine blade, if find jam or edge problems should be timely clean or replace the single shaft shredding machine downtime blades ensure the normal conduct of work, then there is when we overload will cause the temperature of the machine caused by excessive waste outside spray this time should be timely overcome obstacles.

Three, the elimination of the problem after the attention to details

When we use a single shaft pieces opportunity after got the corresponding processing to the problem we are not immediately packing but for single shaft shredding machine blade idle for a few minutes, if the packing immediately in the case of mechanical rotating speed is too low will damage the equipment, then there is not at liberty to replace the pulley, this will impact speed too fast result in higher temperature equipment performance and reduce the service life of single shaft shredding machine blade.

It is very important to reinforce and check the blade in the working process

When cutting work for a long time we must pay attention to the time to stop to single shaft shredding machine blades and engine for reinforcement, to prevent unnecessary accidents, if it is a long-term flow operation, must be put under single shaft shredding machine blade on the stand, so more stable, safety work is more convenient, so the process only if it is found that edge passivation or appeared crack, warp, opening must be timely replacement blades, so in order to ensure the smooth completion of work, ensure high standard of segmentation.

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