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The appearance of tire shredder will promote the recycling efficiency of waste tires

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, China's annual waste tires are growing at an almost exponential rate, and the output of China's waste tires will reach more than 1 billion by 2020.In sharp contrast, China's rubber resources are very scarce, 70% of the raw rubber imports. Moreover, the waste tires are built, burned and piled up, causing serious "black pollution". We all know that waste tires have the value of recycling, only waste recycling is the most environmentally friendly, the most energy efficient way to get rid of waste tires.

Although comprehensive utilization is the effective way to remove the "black pollution" of waste rubber, but at present, the comprehensive recovery rate of our country's waste tire is still relatively low. Because, our country has not established a sound tire recycling system, no formal management laws and regulations, there is no special waste tire recycling distribution center, and people's idea of tire refurbishment and reuse is relatively weak, scattered, disorderly recycling network is difficult to form a reasonable waste tire recycling channel. How to reuse this large amount of waste tires has become the focus of investors.

And tire shredding function will be shredded waste tire, reduction of waste tires as raw material, again make again by industrial use of waste tires, tire shredding machine equipment not only can be shredded waste tires, also can be used to pieces of plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, iron drum, waste electrical appliances, waste cable, industrial wastes, living garbage and other solid or hollow materials. To a certain extent to solve the country's environmental and development issues. Once became a hot wave of investors.

The professional requirement of the tire shredder is the highest in the whole shredder industry. Production of the tire shredder involves no winding, no knife, steel wire tire separation and other links, need to be meticulous in the whole process to ensure the final good performance, a lack of."Low speed, high torque, low noise, low dust, reversible" the advantages of the tire shredder are now popular, become a rare star product in the shredder industry. Tire shredder equipment in the development of renewable energy industry has played an important role in promoting the development, and the development of a long time, tire shredder equipment gradually realized the intelligent tire shredder, high power, high output and other characteristics.

Generally speaking, we are using a relatively large two-axis shredder to deal with waste tires, which are also our mouth tire shredder. The tire shredder adopts the dual-axis reverse meshing method to shear the waste tire, which contains the following characteristics: 1. Two moving tool shafts in the tire shredder have the characteristics of low speed; 2.2. Because the tire shredder is a power source system composed of a motor and a reducer, the cutter shaft of the shredder has a significant torque;3. The blade thickness of the shredder is large, which can easily cut the steel wire in the waste tire;4. The tire shredder adopts the intelligent PLC system to control the circuit. When the point electromechanical device flows through the load, the PLC automatically disconnects the circuit to realize the judicious protection function.

The appearance of the tire shredding machine has effectively promoted the recycling of waste tires in China and even the whole world, which has truly achieved energy conservation and environmental protection, and also reduced the waste of resources and "black pollution" caused by the burning of waste tires. However, at present, the recycling and recycling of waste tires has not been fully promoted, many people do not realize the value of recycling waste tires, at the same time, the country has not formally issued the relevant legal documents, so our tire shredder has not been fully promoted in the market. I just hope in the near future, the tire shredder machine can be widely recognized and widely trusted, which not only effectively promote the recycling efficiency of waste tires, but also help the development of the tire shredder industry.

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