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The application and value of garbage shredder

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The application of garbage shredder

The common shredder in the market is mainly a shredder used to deal with waste plastics, waste films, waste tires and waste woven bags. It is rare to see a shredder specially used to deal with large pieces of household garbage, such as waste sofa, waste refrigerator, waste mattress and other large pieces of household garbage. Actually, along with the improvement of living standards of urban residents and the upgrading of consumption idea, discarded waste furniture and waste household appliances and other large garbage is increasing, and the current domestic collector for such waste treatment facilities is not perfect, not only cause bad effects to various eyesores, also existing sanitation workers' daily operation. The large waste generated in daily life is transported to the domestic waste treatment center and enters the general sorting line like other domestic waste after being crushed by the large waste crusher. The broken components of large furniture waste include wood, iron (shaped steel, screws and hinges), aluminum alloy profiles, glass, leather (imitation leather and leather), textiles and paper leather, plastics (imitation rattan strips, plastic blank strips, plastic sheets, etc.), and sponges (polyurethane foam).The components of these bulk household garbage are of recycling value.

Large garbage crusher is to use the principle of cutting and tearing between two relatively rotating tools to crush the material. Adopt "double motor + double planet reducer", strong power, high running stability. It is often used in the field of environmental protection, such as the disposal of municipal solid waste, the recycling of resources and the pretreatment of waste incineration. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, large shear force, good tearing effect, low noise, good stability and so on.In addition, the equipment is equipped with magnetic separation to separate waste wood and metal, which is more conducive to the later recycling.

The life big rubbish shred machine's value

In the recovery of large scrap furniture, metal is the material with high utilization value and large recovery proportion, including ferrous metal scrap steel and common non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead and aluminum. In worn out woodiness furniture, waste wood can undertake material already recycle use, can undertake energy to use again. Material recycling refers to the secondary processing of waste wood after recovery, making a variety of wood-based panels for reuse, can also waste wood into activated carbon, industrial carbon or synthetic gas as chemical raw materials. The energy utilization of waste wood refers to the use of it as an industrial fuel for boilers or power generation, but also as a civil fuel .It can be seen from this that if we make good use of the large garbage produced by life, then it will bring us great value, which is also the existence value of the large garbage shredder we say in our mouth.


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