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The application of garbage shredder The common shredder in the market is mainly a shredder used to deal with waste plastics, waste films,

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The reporter learns from Hainan province, the ecological environment agency on April 8, the hall has printed and distributed to the implementation of banning the use of disposable non-biodegradable plastic products production pilot work notice, points out that play on November 30, on April 1, will step, to organize the key industries in stages and place in the mold trial work, for Hainan today will be in large business super, schools, hospitals and other take the lead in the pilot "lent" on December 1, the implementation of the plastic officially banned.


In accordance with the "notice" requirements, from now on will be in Hainan large business super, schools, hospitals and other take the lead in the pilot "forbidden model" in April to the end of November, Hainan will be conducted in key industries and places the plastic pilot work, to listed in the Hainan province banning the use of disposable production list of non-biodegradable plastic products (first) of plastic film bags, 10 small classes, the two categories of disposable tableware non-biodegradable plastic products say "no", in the form of negative listing to refuse "white pollution".

It is understood that the pilot scope includes: provincial party and government institutions at all levels, institutions, large state-owned enterprises and other units of the canteen, major tourist attractions, large supermarkets, large shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other industries and venues, as well as large-scale meetings, exhibitions and other activities hosted by relevant government units.

Depending on the arrangement, the pilot work is divided into preparation stage, implementation stage and assessment stage. Of April - July preparation stage the main organization to carry out a baseline survey, preliminary grasp the pilot range of banning plastic single-digit Hainan will be in large business super, schools, hospitals and other take the lead in the pilot "forbidden model", disposable non-biodegradable plastic products used in Hainan large business super, schools, hospitals and other take the lead in the pilot "lent", substitute demand Hainan will be in a large business super, schools, hospitals and other first pilot "forbidden model" and other basic information. The leading units will also formulate special implementation plans, propose specific tasks and measures and feasible time codes based on the industry's actual conditions. During the implementation period from August to November, all units will organize and conduct a pilot program to ban plastic products according to the formulated plan. In the assessment and the assessment phase in December, the province's ban on plastic pilot work to carry out an assessment and assessment.

According to the pilot work arrangement, Hainan will promote the production capacity of disposable non-biodegradable plastic substitutes and take the lead in the pilot project of "banning plastic" in larger supermarkets, schools and hospitals. Encourage the production of substitutes for disposable non-degradable plastic products such as reusable products, fully biodegradable plastic products, paper products and clothing products; The whole process traceability system of biodegradable plastic has been preliminaries established. We will deploy and operate a management information platform for banning plastic products, and guide substitute production and sales enterprises to initially establish a whole-process traceability system for biodegradable plastic that is integrated with market supervision and law enforcement. Provincial authorities called on members of the public to gradually form a low-carbon and energy-saving concept of green production and living, reduce the use of disposable plastic products.

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