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The difference between cloth shredding machine (double-roll shredding machine) and single double shaft shredding machine and its application range and advantages are introduced

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Is there any recycling value for using clothing? What kind of equipment is usually used for recycling old clothes? In this article, gangli environmental small make up for you to briefly introduce the waste clothes shredder, mainly introduces the scope of application of the equipment and its advantages.




With the development of China's economy, the people have spare money, everyone wants to live a superior material life, coupled with the rise of China's garment industry in recent years, there will always be a variety of new clothes launched when the season changes, so as to arouse people's desire for shopping. Last year to buy clothes, this year do not want to wear, put in the closet after a year or two will not wear, usually do not have the time. Therefore, most people, especially the young people who rent houses outside, will discard their old clothes every time they change places to rent a house, and a small number of them decide to donate to the people in the poor mountainous areas. In addition, clothes discarded every year due to the shabby clothes. China produces a large number of waste clothes every year. Be here any value in recycling the clothes? If it can be recycled, what kind of equipment should be utilized to dispose of it? As professional shred machine manufacturers small gang li environmental protection for you to briefly introduce the division I used to deal with waste clothing shred machine - double roll shred machine. We also call it a cloth shredder or directly called waste clothes shredder.


The difference between the two-roll shredder (cloth shredder) and the two-axis shredder and the single axis shredder


Waste clothes shredding machine, also known as cloth shredding machine, as the name implies, is specially used for crushing waste clothes, waste cloth and other materials shredding machine. Here the cloth shredding machine refers to the double-roll shredding machine, it is different from the single-axis shredding machine and the double-axis shredding machine. In structure, it has two knife rollers, but it is distinct from the two-axis shredder's knife rollers. Each knife roller of the two-axis shredder is as of the single axis shredder, and the blade type is the same, which is a diamond blade and can be used at four angles. The difference between the double roll shredder and the double axis shredder is mainly reflected in the blade. The blades on the two axes of the double axis shredder are closely adjacent to each other, while the blades on the two axes of the double roll shredder have a certain distance.


Scope of application of double-roll shredder (cloth shredder)


The scope of application of the double-roll shredder, for example, the above mentioned waste clothing, waste cloth, double-roll shredder is also applicable to plastic film, waste rubber shoes, waste leather, waste carpet, waste cotton quilt and so on. From this we can see that the double-roll shredder is usually suitable for crushing soft and elastic materials, the range mentioned above is only some common materials, of course, there are some materials not mentioned is also suitable for the double-roll shredder processing.


Advantages of double-roll shredder (cloth shredder)


The double-roll shredder mainly has the following advantages:


1, with high speed, high speed means in the same time range, the double-roll shredder crushing output is higher;


2. Low noise and stable operation; On the market, a lot of crushing equipment is noisy, and the double roll shredder made by gunli environmental protection is very good to reduce the noise generated when the machine is working, so as to create a good working environment for the machine operator.


3, with large torque, the two shafts of the double-roll shredder are driven by an electric motor and a reducer, in terms of power output, the double-roll shredder has a large power, enough to wear all kinds of materials;


4. The replacement cost of the blade of the double-roll shredder is low, because the cutter used by the equipment is the same as that of the single-axis shredder, and the blade can be replaced with four corners to reduce the replacement cost of the latter blade;


5. It is easy to maintain the equipment and replace the blade in the later stage. This double roll shredder is just like the single axis shredder, which is very convenient to maintain and replace the blade in the advanced stage.




Due to space limitations, this paper mainly introduces some structural differences and application scope and advantages of the cloth shredding machine, namely the double roll shredding machine, and also wants to know more about the production line information of the net friends can directly consult gangli environmental protection.

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