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The five methods of recycling old wires and cables and shredding machine are introduced

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Wires and cables are one of the most common electrical devices in life, but wonder if you know where all those old, obsolete wires and cables have gone? In what way saw if it is disposed of? Gangli environmental editor to tell you:

The common waste cable recycling and treatment methods are as follows:

1. Manual skinning method: this method mainly adopts manual skinning, with low efficiency and high cost. Besides, workers have poor operating environment and high disease cost.

2. Incineration method: incineration method is a traditional method, which burns the plastic skin of waste cables and then recovers the copper. However, smoke pollution is extremely serious, and in the process of incineration, serious oxidation occurs on the surface of the copper wire, which reduces the metal recovery rate.

3. Mechanical shredding method: wire and cable shredding machine is used for processing, which is one of the methods of disposing waste cables and cables. This method is employed to wire and cable shredding machine to shred waste wires and cables and then separate the wire and cable rubber sheet, and respectively recover the metal and rubber sheet. This method can greatly improve the recycling efficiency of waste wires and cables, and it is likewise the method with the highest recycling rate of wires and cables at present. I will introduce this method in detail below.

4. Chemical method: the technology of chemical treatment of waste cables was put forward in the 1990s, and this method of disposal of waste wires and cables has been studied in some countries .The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the waste liquid can not be treated and has a significant impact on the environment, so it is seldom used.

5. Freezing method: use the freezing processing waste cable is put forward in the 1990 s, in liquid nitrogen for refrigerants, waste cable brittle at low temperatures, and then after crushing and vibration, make plastic skin with copper wire section of separation, is very effectively scrap wire and cable processing method, but due to the high cost, difficult to spread in the industrialized production.




The introduction of wire and cable shredder to dispose of waste wire and cable

Old wires and cables are made of recycled copper wire and plastic. In the above five methods, we have introduced the peeling hair, this method is to manually separate the copper wire and the plastic wire appearance, after the separation of the two materials for recycling, but the artificial peeling efficiency is very low, it is difficult to form a large-scale. We now wish to introduce the use of shredding machine to scrap the old wire and cable shredding method is a kind of transformation and upgrading of the manual peeling method. First of all, we will utilize professional shredding equipment to shred wires and cables, to ensure that the size of scrap wires after shredding is less than 30mm. After getting the shredded materials, we will separate the copper wire and plastic wires with vibrating screen or other equipment, and get clean copper wire and plastic respectively. After the separation, plastics can be broken directly by a plastic crusher for secondary crushing to obtain finer fragments, which can then be washed and dried. Finally, granulating equipment can be used for plastic granulation to obtain plastic particles as raw materials to produce new plastic products. And the copper wire part, can use the hot melt method directly to the copper wire processing to obtain the extra metal copper.

The mechanical shredding method for disposing old wires and cables is a mechanical operation in the whole process, and different production lines can be equipped according to specific requirements such as production capacity. As we did the wire and cable, force recycling production line, for example, we according to the actual situation and the capacity of material customer requirements for the customer to do a full automatic production line consists of the following equipment, mainly includes: belt conveyor, single shaft shredding machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, plastic crusher, belt conveyor, cleaning bad, dry friction washer, wind machine, and so on in the aggregate system. Centralized single shaft shredder and plastic crusher are crushing equipment, according to the actual material situation can choose additional crushing equipment and double shaft shredder, double roll pre-crusher, vertical crusher and other models.

The above is the common way to deal with waste wire and cable, this paper mainly introduces the method of mechanical separation torn metal, with the development of science and technology, of course, after sure there will be more simple and more efficient method to recycling scrap wire and cable, if you have better way, please share with our communication. All the time, we welcome you to get to the factory to test the machine.

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