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The market shred machine model so much how to choose to see the following four aspects is enough

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With the increase of environmental awareness, in the environmental protection industry and society, it is generally believed that "solid waste is misplaced resources", if you decide to use "resources" and choose shredder equipment to deal with them for resource recycling, be careful !Various types of shredder equipment on the market, not only dazzling and will make people confused. Even the name of the equipment is varied: shredder, crusher, crusher, granulator and so on. However, for professional solid waste crushing equipment suppliers, such as Gangli environmental protection, solid waste crusher (shredder equipment) generally refers to the single axis shredder machine, double axis shredder machine and four axis shredder machine.

On the level, a variety of shredding machine equipment can be selected at any time, the promotional video shredding machine equipment can always quickly "eat" the material, the output and effect are amazing. Unfortunately, in reality there is not any shredder that can handle all kinds of garbage perfectly. In order to provide the most suitable crushing solution for solid waste, it is necessary in order to deeply understand the performance and advantages and disadvantages of various types of shredder equipment, and then carefully choose.

Shred machine equipment according to the principle of work into four types: single-axis shred machine, double-axis shred machine, four-axis shred machine, plastic crusher. The equipment model of each model is also different materials. Gungli environmental protection will customize the solution according to the actual materials, and Gangli will derive different shredding machine equipment according to the material situation. Please move to the product center.

The most basic selection elements can be adapted according to the actual situation of the project.

To understand and analyze the specific requirements of users, including material types, feeding and discharging methods, material components and percentages, required crushing and discharging size, rough follow-up process, cost budget, etc. Please look at the following four factors that determine the model choice of shredder.


Four factors that determine your choice of shredder

The name of the material to be broken

The name of the material to be broken, what is contained in the material; Material composition (iron, wood, cloth);The original size of materials provided includes: maximum, average and minimum; Tax rate of materials; Finally, the material state.

Such as: broken large pieces of garbage, which contain mattresses, sofas, wardrobes, desks and chairs, become wood; The largest material is mattress: 180cm, the general size is 150cm, the smallest 50cm, the material does not contain water, the display is pushed and put, undiagnosable.

Ii. Output and discharge requirements

How many tons of material need to be broken per hour? And then there's the size of the grain, right? Usually the smaller the size of the broken material .The higher the crushing cost is, so we need to realise the relationship between demand and cost and profit.

For example, it can produce 5-10 tons per hour, and the discharge size is about 10mm.

3. Crushing purpose and front and rear end process

The purpose of crushing is to reduce capacity, burn and compost, etc. Feeding methods include forklift truck feeding, conveyor feeding, grab feeding, etc. The way of discharging materials is conveyor, etc. Packaging method after crushing; Finally, the process of production line can be adjusted according to its own situation.

Sometimes the size of the plant also limits the shape of the shredder equipment and the process flow of the production line. The auxiliary equipment can be configured according to the actual situation: the feed conveyor, the discharge conveyor, the iron remover, the trolley, the material pressing device, the baler, the hydraulic drive, the intelligent dust removal system, the intelligent remote monitoring system and other equipment systems.

Four, to see the performance of the shredder and the strength of the manufacturer

Shredding machine as a capacity reduction equipment, is also a kind of plastic auxiliary machine, has an important role in the solid waste recovery process. Shred machine is a heavy industry machine, so the choice to buy shred machine must pay heed to the performance of the equipment itself, but also pay special attention to its manufacturers' comprehensive strength, after-sales service ability. When buying shred machine, you must not purchase as light industrial products. By the way, Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD is a powerful crushing equipment manufacturer integrating r&d, design, production, sales and after-sales service .At present, most of the shredding machines on the market are 600 type shredding machines, 800 type shredding machines, 1000 type shredding machines, etc., but in order to better meet the needs of customers, we have developed type 700 shredding machines, which is only our original 700 type shredding machine in China. In terms of after-sales service, we promise to guarantee the quality of environmental protection for two years. We put the warranty of two years into the sales contract. Our purpose is to protect the best interests of customers, to provide consumers with convenient and worry-free after-sales protection.

Finally, I would like to reiterate the application field of shredder:

Big pieces of garbage; Hazardous industrial waste; E-waste; Plastic waste ;Metal waste; Used tires; Twine in a paper mill; Biomass synthesis; Plastic packaging drums; Leather/fabric scraps and other solid waste crushing solutions

To sum up, without a break technology or shredding machine equipment can meet the requirements of all solid waste broken, no matter how advanced the how reliable, equipment performance, because each shredding machine equipment each have advantages and disadvantages, some type of shredding machine equipment in the application in some industries, but perhaps not in other industries. In the selection of shredding machine equipment, must cooperate with experienced shredding machine equipment supplier, because it can not only provide reliable quality shredding machine equipment, but also can use the supplier's long-term accumulated experience to draw up the most suitable solid waste crushing solution for you. Of course, the most effective is to provide solid waste that needs to be broken for the actual testing of materials for Gangli environmental protection.

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