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The solid waste crushing equipment industry should actively integrate into the national "one built one road" policy and develop together with the waste plastic recycling industry

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With the rapid development of China's plastics industry, more and more waste plastic are produced, which makes it difficult to degrade waste plastic and has a more serious impact on the ecological environment. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization, and taken strict measures to avoid the discharge of pollutants by enterprises and the disposal of garbage. The plastic industry is at the heart of environmental protection.

Although the "plastic limit order" launched in 2008 has achieved some results, the results continue to be unsatisfactory. At present, China's waste plastic waste recycling, reduction and energy of the road are difficult, and in the context of the country's strict inspection of environmental protection, waste plastic pollution prevention and control will enter a difficult stage.

China is the world's largest "plastic kingdom", both plastic products and plastic consumption are ranked first in the world. Depending on incomplete statistics, the total output of China's plastic products in 2018 exceeded 95 million tons. In particular, some emerging plastic products, such as plastic lunch boxes and plastic packaging waste, are a "hard bone" in China's waste recycling process.

According to Gangli environmental protection, since 2011, the national attention to environmental protection has been increasing, local environmental supervision activities, shut down a number of recycled plastic industry enterprises. As a result, polluting enterprises have been cleaned up and some waste plastics have lost their ability to be recycled. Waste plastic recycling enterprise transformation pressure.

"China's plastic recycling industry is under great pressure. Affected by the national ban on foreign garbage, the price of recycled plastic keeps rising."With less consumption and less demand for recycled plastics, the industry is in a bit of a bind, a tightening situation and a market impasse that needs to be broken."So says an industry expert.

Overall, the waste plastics processing industry in China started soon, most of the recycling of waste plastics recycling is done by small and medium-sized enterprises, do not have a high level of centralization, and supportive industry belongs to the typical policy and funds, strengthen the guidance, so you need to state level to guide industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and rather than a "one size fits all" type determination to keep factories and workers idle and so on.

According to the analysis of the environmental protection research team, as a systematic project, the recycling and utilization of waste plastics should be started from two aspects: first, the source of waste plastics should be controlled to guide waste plastics producers to pay attention to recycling and utilization; Second, from the recycling end, establish and improve the waste plastic recycling system.

According to the latest news, the national development and reform commission and the environmental protection department will carry out investigation, research and analysis on the "plastic limit" and formulate new strategies to ensure the generation and treatment of plastic waste in express delivery, take-out, e-commerce and other fields, and urge local governments to strengthen the means and strength of waste plastic recycling.

The relevant person in charge of the ecological environment also revealed that after in-depth research, ecological environment will be separately or jointly with other departments on laws and regulations regarding the handling of waste plastics recycling standards and other documents, centralized control center and waste plastics processing and utilization of waste plastics, processing and utilizing enterprise, promote clean waste plastics recycling agglomeration development and utilization.

As the main body of waste plastics "three changes", the waste plastics recycling industry also needs to start from various aspects to promote the in-depth development of the industry itself under the background of the national emphasis on environmental protection and the central environmental protection inspector storm wave after wave:

First, use the Internet, the Internet of things, big data and other new technologies to explore the value of waste plastics. Secondly, from low added value to high added value, and take it as the foundation of the development of the industry. Third, while creating enterprise value, environmental value must also be placed in a very important position. Then, actively go out, into the national "One Belt And One Road" pattern, to promote the long-term prosperity of China's waste plastic recycling industry.

As a professional r & d and production of solid waste crushing equipment, Gangli environmental protection relies on the development of waste plastic recycling industry to achieve steady progress. Gangli has been committed to developing more and better products, hoping to help the waste plastic recycling industry to develop more efficiently and stably. At the same time, Gangli environmental protection has been actively integrated into the national "One Belt And One Road" policy, and China's waste plastic recycling industry together with the synchronous development. We welcome you to visit and test the equipment at any time, and give you faithful and effective development Suggestions.


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