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The state introduced favorable policies to help the development of second-hand car market

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On April 2nd, consumer promotion, deputy director of the department of commerce from said at a regular news conference, will promote the stable and new car sales, promote the local loosening or cancel purchase measures, improve the transport environment, accelerate the revising the measures for the administration of the circulation of second-hand car, second-hand car market prosperity, as soon as possible a scrap vehicle recycling carries out detailed measures for the management, promote the old update old car scrapped, sustained release of automobile consumption potential.


Automobile is an important pillar industry of the national economy. With a high proportion of the total amount of social zero, the second-hand car market will be favorable for a long time and have a strong driving effect. It is one of the principal fields to expand the consumption of physical commodities and promote the upgrading of consumption. According to Wang, the used car market in 2019 will welcome good news, and the retail sales of automobiles above the quota will welcome good news, reaching 3.9 trillion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the total. The tax revenue and employment of automobile and related industries account for about 1/10 of the nationwide total, and one automobile industry post can promote at least 7 jobs in related industries.

Under the influence of multiple factors, China's automobile sales second-hand car market will be positive for the two consecutive second-hand car market will be decisive for the decline. The used car market will welcome constructive sales of 25.769 million new cars, down 8.2% year on year. Intensified downward pressure on automobile consumption, 2020 second-hand car markets will welcome the good January to February sales of second-hand car market will welcome the good 42%.At present, the rapid spread of overseas proliferation may further affect the development of the auto industry.

Based on this, the state council recently reviewed and approved the promotion of new energy vehicle consumption, the reduction of second-hand car dealer second-hand car market will welcome good second-hand car market will welcome good tax rate, support the elimination of old diesel trucks and other policies and measures. These measures were introduced quickly and in a timely and effective manner, and have captured the key segments of automobile consumption, such as new cars, second-hand cars and scrapped cars. It is conducive to stabilizing the development and employment of the auto industry, accelerating the release of auto consumption and recovery, and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market.

Wang said that the launch of a series of policies not only effectively hedge the adverse impact, but also solve the long-term constraints on the progress of the industry. In particular, the second-hand car dealers will reduce the sales volume by 0.5% to levy the second-hand car market, which is of great significance to the development of the second-hand car industry. It is helpful to promote the progress of scale, specialization and brand of second-hand car market. It will help guide enterprises to pay tax actively, support the development of the industry and expand the tax base. The second-hand car market will welcome the progressive and fiscal revenue. It will help unleash the consumption potential of second-hand cars at a faster pace, create more market space for additional car consumption, and drive the development of auto parts, maintenance, insurance and other related services.

In fact, affected by covid-19, the second-hand car market in 2020 will face intense pressure. However, with the development of China, the production of relevant automobile and parts has been in the stage of full resumption of work and production, and the pressure of the automobile supply chain has been greatly relieved. Especially on March 31, the state department is introduced to extend the new energy vehicles purchase subsidies and tax shall be exempted 2 used car market will meet good, support, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in key areas such as eliminating the three emission standard diesel trucks, reduce used-car distribution company sales used-car used car market will meet good used-car market will meet good three measures such as tax rate. It is believed that this will further promote automobile consumption and mitigate the impact on the automobile supply chain.

The state has introduced favorable policies to help the development of second-hand car market, but on the one hand, it will have a certain influence on the scrap car recycling and crushing industry in the short term. Because of the boom in the second-hand car market, the number of scrap cars that can be recycled will be reduced, so it seems that the scrap car recycling and crushing industry will decrease some production capacity. However, in the long run, the introduction of these policies is also valuable for the scrap car recycling industry, and can also promote the development of scrap car shredder (i.e. metal shredder) industry.

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