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The structure and advantages of waste automobile recycling production line are introduced

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The automobile industry has carried out in a hundred years of history. It can be stated that at present, cars have become a necessity for every family to travel. China has a large population and a substantial automobile market. Automobile sales volume in China is considerably every year. As you probably know, every car is required to be be scrapped after a certain number of miles or a certain number of years. So, why should you deal with all the scrap cars that are produced every year? In fact, scrapped cars are of complete recycling value, including the engine, tires, frame, gearbox and car interior, etc., all of which are of recycling value. Today, the small series of sundry environmental protection will briefly introduce the most common waste car recycling equipment -- waste car recycling production line.

Automobile recycling production line is mainly composed of special heavy metal shredding machine for coarse crushing, then through vertical crusher for crushing processing, when broken by wind power equipment to remove light material and dust, through strong magnetic device to separate iron based metal, by eddy current separator to separate non-ferrous metal and plastic. The whole system adopts PLC control, dynamic real-time monitoring. It is not empty talk to deal with the huge volume of the disassembly, crushing and recycling production line of old cars.

Waste automobile recycling production line has the characteristics of low energy consumption per unit, large processing capacity, good economy, low maintenance cost, good treatment effect, and minimal requirement for the capacity of input power. The production line is used primarily for scrap metal scrap, automobile shell, aluminum casting, scrap steel, large hollow metal material crushing recovery.

The disassembly, crushing and recycling production line of used automobiles includes the following structures:

1. Two-axle shredder: the whole car shell is torn into pieces.2. Metal screening machine: separate metal substances and remove some sediment and pollutants.3. Vibration channel: screen the metal sheet within 150mm, and send the oversized metal sheet back to the shredder for secondary crushing.4. Magnetic separation roller: separate iron and non-ferrous metal.5. Shredder: shred iron and metal pieces into smaller pieces.6. Vortex separator: separation of aluminum from a mixture of nonferrous metal.7. Central dust removal system: collect dust from the system and filter the air before discharge.

Reasons for abnormal vibration of the disassembly, crushing and recovery production line of used automobiles:

1. If the material is too heavy, it will cause abnormal vibration. At this time, please check the feeding site to ensure that the material meets the requirements.

2, uneven wear also causes vibration abnormalities, which mean that the tool is not suitable for continued use, need to be replaced.

3, rotor imbalances are also a cause of abnormal vibration, in the face of this situation, it is necessary to adjust the rotor.

4, improper handling of the foundation can also cause abnormal vibration, check the anchor bolts and reinforcement can resolve this problem.

Advantages of disassembly, crushing and recycling production line for used automobiles:

1. The entire car shell is directly put in, without the need for dismantling in advance.

2. According to the production demand of customers, equipment models are set in a wide range of choices.

3. From mixing material to the single material finished product, the automatic processing process does not need secondary handling.

4. Precise separation of iron and non-ferrous metal.

5. The installation site is highly mobile.

6. Feeding test to ensure stable performance.

7. CE certification, pays attention to process details, unified standards, safety and aesthetics.

Gangli environmental protection is a waste automobile recycling production line manufacturer, focusing on waste automobile recycling production line production research and development and production. After-sales service perfect, dedicated to every customer service! Welcome to contact with only environmental protection directly to discuss the improvement process of waste automobile recycling production line.

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