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The structure, working principle and application of the tire shredder are introduced

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Tire shredding machine, as the name implies, is used to shred waste car tire shredding machine, that is, the use is to cope with a variety of waste tire dual-axis shredding machine equipment. The structure of the tire shredder is composed of moving knife roller (spindle + blade), fixed knife, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Shred machine cutting ability, high production capacity. It can be equipped with a conveyor belt, plastic crusher, steel wire separator and grinding machine, and can be produced automatically. Effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce costs, enhance the operating environment.

Tire shredder structure

The tire shredding machine is mainly composed of the shredding machine frame, power system, spindle cutter and roller, hydraulic system, hydraulic drive, hydraulic pressure device, feeding hopper, bearing seat, electric control system, etc. Each system is independent and perfectly integrated with the others, thanks to careful design by genie's engineers.

How the tire shredder works

The tire shredder is mainly composed of moving knife roller, fixed knife, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Depending on the size of plastic output, material types and other appropriate model parameters can be selected. The principle is through the motor drive pulley, power drive to the reducer, through the reducer after deceleration to obtain a large torque power to drive the two tool shaft tool rest in the crushing room to rotate, the tool rest is equipped with a blade, the blade on the two tool shaft to carry out high-speed relative motion cutting to achieve the effect of crushing materials. It has the advantages of large carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, small volume, lightweight and long service life.

Use of tire shredder

Shredding machine is typically used for scrap tires, motorcycle tires, tire scrap, rubber, rubber scrap, rubber products, such as shredding, crushing, crushing. It can be used on the production line for recycling, realizing the functions of cutting blocks, cutting strips, making particles, grinding powder and so on. The unit has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency, which enables users to use large diameter tires economically and effectively. Any scrap tire that can be made available for the range of the feeding box, other rubber materials can be directly torn apart without cutting and decomposition.

As a manufacturer of tire shredding machine, by choosing the right type of tire shredding machine, we integrate the most suitable cost requirements. Leave the user control the input as far as possible under the premise of the highest cost performance of the tire shredder machine. At the same time, we also provide tire crusher, rubber shredder, rubber crusher, waste tire crushing production line, waste rubber equipment suppliers. The company integrity management, quality, a complete range of welcome to consult business negotiations.

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