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The working principle of plastic crusher and three common failure reasons and elimination methods

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How the plastic crusher works

Plastic products or watergap materials need to be broken, such as the plastic crusher dog-house input, material into the crushing chamber, the cutting tool materials are crushed in the spinning process, and the moving blade and fixed knife cutting, the material broken down after, small particles through the sieve hole fall into the material box, not broken good larger particles further cutting again, until the required particle size screen hole to complete.


Plastic crusher three common faults and troubleshooting methods

1. The reason why the motor does not rotate after energizing

1. Bad power contact or loose plug.

2. Bad contact of power switches.

3. Poor contact of micro switch.

Elimination method (power must be cut off to perform the following operations)

1. Repair the power supply or replace the connector.

2. Repair or replace the switch.

3. Adjust the micro switch

2. Causes of vibration caused by the motor running too slowly or not running after energizing

1. The mechanical part is stuck (there is a foreign body in the grinder through).

2. The power supply voltage is too low.

Elimination method (power must be cut off to perform the following operations)

1. Clear the foreign body in the crushing tank, start idling for half a minute before feeding slowly.

2, waits for the power supply voltage stability before starting to work, if the voltage is often unstable, you can consider adding a regulator.

Three, the machine housing surface overheating

Cause: the process of material release is too fast and the machine load is too large.

Elimination method: reduce the working pressure, slow down the material delivery speed.

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