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Under the influence of covid-19, what should be done with the discarded masks produced every day in China

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Affected by the epidemic, how to recycle the old masks produced every day? Can waste masks we produce every day be processed by plastic crushers, shredders, cleaning and drying machines and other equipment like ordinary waste plastic to obtain the raw materials for mass production? Please take a look at the following ways to reuse previous masks.


1. Steam the disposable mask in a pot, boil (wash) it with water, spray alcohol and dry it before using it.

Do not recommend!

No matter N95 or other disposable medical masks, they are afraid of water. When they are "steamed", "boiled" or "washed", the filtration effect will be greatly reduced due to the water entering.

At the same time, disposable masks are not resistant to high temperature. Generally, when the temperature is greater than 80℃, they will shrink and deform, resulting in structural damage and reduced the protective effect.

Disposable medical standard protective mask usually has at least three layers. The outer layer of the mask is water-blocking layer. If sprayed with a large amount of alcohol, the outer material will become demodulated, and the ability to block water (blood, saliva) will decrease.

In addition, cotton, gauze and other fabric masks do not belong to disposable masks, these masks should be cleaned and disinfected, and should be washed and changed frequently.

2. Use the ultraviolet lamp after irradiation?

Do not recommend!

The filter layer of the mask is usually made of polypropylene melting spray material, which is a kind of thermoplastic polymer material with poor aging resistance and sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. After receiving ultraviolet radiation, the structure will be damaged and the filtration performance will be reduced, so it is not suitable for the irradiation of the mask.

3. Wearing a cotton mask or a paper towel first, and then wearing a disposable medical mask outside, can prolong the life of the mask?

Do not recommend!

The tightness of the mask is the key to effectively block the virus. Wearing a cotton mask or a tissue paper inside may affect the tightness of the mask outside and not provide a good protective effect.

In addition, wearing a layer of masking inside will increase respiratory resistance, and people's instinct to increase and deepen breathing will also affect the tightness of the mask.

4. Sew the mask with 12 layers of cotton yarn?

Can consider as appropriate!

A homemade mask is not as thick as it should be. First, make sure you can breathe on your own and keep it close to your face.

When there is no disposable medical mask, self-made cotton gauze mask should also be worn. However, it should be washed and changed frequently. When cleaning, 5% of the 84 disinfectant and water can be prepared in accordance with the ratio of 1:99, soaked and disinfected for 30 minutes, then cleaned and dried with clean water.

5. Blow in a dryer or bake in a dryer?

Can consider as appropriate!

Baking masks with air dryer or clothes dryer are a method of dry and hot disinfection. The center for disease control and prevention of Guangdong province once used a 56 degree ovens in the laboratory to make the used masks for 30 minutes before sending them to professional institutions to test the particle filtration efficiency. The results showed that the masks still had good particle filtration effect. It is speculated that the mask can be blown by air blower or baked clothes dryer for 30 minutes to the guarantee temperature of 56℃ ~ 70℃, which is a reliable way to reuse the mask and prolong its service life. Be sure to blow back and forth when using the air duct.

Be aware, however, that this disinfection method kills the coronavirus and does not kill other resistant microorganisms.


This method only applies to the reuse of masks in healthy people.

Even if the mask is baked, it can only be used by a special person and cannot be used by others.

6. Can used masks be processed by our crusher, shredder and cleaning and drying machine to produce the raw materials for masks just like ordinary waste plastic?

Obviously, this approach doesn't work, even if the plastic crusher, shredding machine and plastic cleaning dryer function is very powerful, can handle a lot of waste plastic has become in the production of plastic raw materials, but because the mask has the obvious difference with common plastic material, the cotton masks do not touch the water and not capable of high temperature, so it can't be recycled through this way.


Affected by the epidemic, more than half of the country's workforce is still at home and unable to work outside the home. We hope the epidemic will pass soon and normal life will résumé. Please cooperate with the country in the fight against the epidemic, and try to go out to meet people so as not to cause trouble in the country.

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