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What is the maximum thickness of metal that can be broken by a metal shredder?

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As the name implies, the metal shredder is specially used for crushing the metal material shredder; We can also say that it is a two-axis shredder, because the shredder that can break metal is usually only a two-axis shredder. So, what kind of metal can a metal shredder cut? What is the maximum thickness of the sheet metal it can break? With these problems, the small series of environmental protection with you together.

Because the metal shredder can handle a lot of materials, including plastic material, rubber material, metal material, etc., for example, common materials of various metal materials are: a variety of cans, paint barrels, scrap steel, scrap car frame, etc. Therefore, it is called "general shredding machine", can also be called "scrap iron shredding machine", "can shredding", "scrap steel shredding machine", "paint bucket shredding machine", "scrap car shredding machine", "large two-axis shredding machine" and so on.

It well knows that metals are very hard. How thick is the metal shredder and how to cut the metal? This must be understood of the internal structure of the metal shredder. Our technicians tell us that it is all due to the super strong refined alloy knife in the metal shredder. The blade is a meshing blade forming a pair of rollers. As the metal enters the cutter, the rollers move in opposite directions to "bite" the metal block. When it is impossible to chop, the metal shred reverses intelligently. "splits" the raw material and resets it. Before the metal block is cut into tiny pieces and can be discharged through the discharge outlet, the above shredding operation is performed again for the material that does not meet the requirements. When the material enters the cutter bit, the metal shredder shreds the material intelligently from the weakest position, and so on, until the hard part of the material mouth is completely chopped. Take Gangli environmental protection metal shredder as an example, the maximum thickness of the metal shredder can be 8mm, that is to say, the thickness of the iron sheet below 8mm is completely pressure free; For steel sheet, the maximum thickness that can be broken is 6mm.For metal material with low hardness such as copper, the maximum thickness that can be broken can reach 20mm to 40mm, which depends on the actual situation of the material.

In addition, some customers worry that metal shredding will consume a lot of power. This is not too much to be concerned about, because the machine USES proprietary core technology and USES decelerating motors to drive the metal shredder, saving power consumption by about 20 percent compared to similar products on the market.

To sum up, we can know that for different materials of metal, the maximum thickness of the shredder can be broken is different; Like steel sheet or alloy with high hardness, the maximum thickness of the metal shredder can be broken is relatively small, about 6mm;And for the hardness is not high metal material, such as copper, the metal shredder can be broken to a maximum thickness of more than 20mm.Gangli environmental protection specializes in the production and sale of heavy shredder, crusher and other equipment used for the crushing treatment of used automobiles, scrap iron and scrap steel. Welcome back to choose Gangli environmental protection!

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