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Why are second-hand shredders and second-hand plastic crushers not worth buying? Here are four reasons why

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With the development of China's industry, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. At the same time, the government also called for the recycling of recyclable resources. Plastic, film, woven bags and so on are recyclable resources, so now there are a lot of private enterprises and individuals engaged in plastic related renewable resources. We all know that plastic recycling process, must be broken into waste plastic into small particles and then clean, dry, granulation, plastic particles can be used to produce plastic products injection molding machine. In this process, the first need is to use a plastic crusher or plastic shredder to waste plastic into tiny pieces of plastic. From this aspect, we can see the importance of plastic crusher and plastic shredder in the process of waste plastic recycling and production. Whereas most of the currently engaged in plastics recycling industry in our country are small and medium-sized enterprise or individual small workshops, these enterprises and individuals in terms of money is not very strong, so they are in the purchase of plastic crusher or plastic shredding machine very value the price of plastic crusher or plastic shredding machine, and ignore the quality of the equipment itself. Even a small number of enterprises or individuals consider to buy the market has been eliminated by the family of second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder, this behavior is not desirable in my opinion, that is why it is not worth buying second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder? Here are 4 reasons why it's not worth buying a used plastic crusher and a used shredder.

Reason 1:

So-called second-hand plastic crusher and secondary shredding machine is the equipment has been eliminated by somebody else, this kind of equipment components has been a serious problem, secondary plastic crusher and shredding machine used in crushing plastic yield is very low, lead to enterprise in the subsequent processing waste a lot of energy consumption, labor costs, time, cost and production cost. So from the point of view of improving production capacity and saving production cost, I do not recommend you to buy second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder, because this kind of second-hand equipment in addition to the low price, other is not worth it.

Reason two:

Second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder are generally no shelf life. If you buy it back and it breaks down, you are paid for the repairs. This not only lost maintenance costs, but also delayed production capacity, which is really a pathetic loss. Moreover, the second-hand plastic crusher and the second-hand shredder are usually a piece of parts are almost worn out, so after you buy back will be particularly prone to problems. Especially the shredding machine, because the shredding machine is a reducer, in the reducer gear loss, by the motor through the reducer to the cutter roller torque will be greatly reduced, when the torque is insufficient, the shredding effect is certainly not ideal. Therefore, second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder opportunities to increase maintenance costs, plus the crushing effect is not ideal, so second-hand plastic shredder and second-hand plastic crusher is not worth buying. Here is one more thing to say, our Gangli environmental protection shredder has a two-year warranty period, which is a whole year longer than the warranty period of the same trade friend, so you can completely rest assured to buy the Buddha Gangli environmental protection products.

Reason 3:

From the price point of view, in fact, second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder is not particularly low. Basically the price of this kind of second-hand equipment is the new plastic crusher and the new shredder of the price of 70%.Moreover, buyers usually do not have the professional knowledge to judge the current second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder quality is how, its circuit has been aging? Does it still have enough power? What is its overall mass? So, why don't you choose to pay a little more for a brand new plastic crusher and shredder? What you buy back is new, guaranteed in terms of quality, and satisfied in terms of volume, so long as you have volume, then your business will naturally be more profitable.

Reason four:

In the plastic crushing equipment industry, the product updates iteration speed is very fast. Every year and half, the product will be upgraded, so those used plastic crushers and used shredders in the design, as well as cutting tools, electrical aspects will be somewhat behind. Just like the year before, SKD11 was used for the blade of the single-spindle shredder, but now the blade of the single-spindle shredder is upgraded to DC53.But actually these two kinds of material in the price difference are not big, but the material performance difference is not big. Therefore, from the point of view of product iteration and upgrading, second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder are not worth buying.

From the above four reasons, second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shred are really not worth buying. In order to save the maintenance cost, as well as the loss caused by the damage of second-hand plastic crusher and second-hand shredder, and also to improve the crushing output, I hope you carefully buy second-hand crushing equipment, it is best not to buy. In addition, when you buy a plastic crusher or shredder, don't just look at the price. Because good things must be expensive, its biggest disadvantage is expensive; And the poor thing, its biggest advantage is cheap, in addition to the price, other aspects can almost become its disadvantage. We all love to compare when buying things, I understand that, but the so-called comparison, I think it should be: more than the details, more than the craft, more than the quality, more than the service, not simply "he is cheaper than you"! Foshan Gangli environmental protection technology co., ltd. Is a professional r & d, production of plastic crusher, a single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and plastic crushing cleaning line of large manufacturers. The company has more than ten years of marketing experience. The quality of the equipment produced by Gangli is absolutely very good, because in terms of the company's product positioning, we only fight the quality war, and disdain to participate in the peer price war. We spend time, energy, and money to develop better quality products so that we can get greater benefits for our customers when they use our products.

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