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Why is the "plastic bag ban" enforced and another way to alleviate white pollution

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Why is the state of New York enforcing a ban on plastic bags?

Shoppers in the us state of New York will pay 5 cents for single-use plastic bags if they need them in stores. Of five cents paid per bag, three cents will go to the New York state environmental fund and two cents will go to a program to distribute free reusable shopping bags to low-income residents.

Some of the estimated 23 billion disposable plastic bags used in New York state each year end up in waterways or under trees, being a threat to wildlife. Some of the exceptions to New York state's plastic ban are bags of processed meat, semi-processed food, take-out food, prescription drugs in pharmacies and laundry.

New York state passed legislation in March 2019 to ban single-use plastic bags from March 1, 2020.California became the first state to ban plastic bags in 2018.

It is estimated that about 200 cities in the United States have banned the use of disposable plastic bags or imposed taxes.

What can be made to reduce white pollution other than enforcing the "plastic bag ban"?

The above paragraph is from CCTV news. We all know that the so-called white pollution, is the daily life of the common plastic bags due to waste and discarded caused by environmental pollution. You must not look down on this small plastic bag pollution, a plastic bag due to litter buried in the ground, can be as long as decades or even hundreds of years without degradation, it can be seen that the discarded plastic bag caused by white pollution is very serious.

So, besides the government enforcing the "plastic bag ban", are there any other ways to reduce white pollution? In my opinion, the only way to alleviate the white pollution is to sort and recycle the plastic bags and recycle the discarded plastic bags through reasonable processing. Only in this way can white pollution be alleviated. The plastic bag is a plastic from the material, so the plastic has the value of recycling. So why should you recycle? Simply speaking, waste plastic bags need to be broken into smaller sizes by single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder or plastic crusher, and then cleaned, and then dried. After the above three steps, you can get clean and small plastic bag particles. Finally, clean and small plastic is put into the plastic granulator for recycling and granulation, so that the raw materials for making plastic products can be generated.

Fushun Gangli environmental protection technology co., LTD., as an excellent domestic crushing equipment manufacturer, has been committed to the research and development of recycling and crushing machinery for waste plastic. We hope that through the efforts of all Gangli environmental protection personnel, waste plastic can be maximized for recycling and utilization. Due to limited space, the specific crushing equipment, Editor will be introduced to you in the next article.

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