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PP woven bag recycling production line

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The waste PP woven bag recycling production line includes the following equipment:


Feeding conveyor belt -- uniform feeding

Shred machine - shred into bundles or loose woven bags with water and pre-washed

Screw cleaner 1 -- deliver and clean

Pre-washing machine - removes sediment and possible foreign objects such as small stones

Screw washer 2 -- deliver and clean

Rinse sedimentation tank 1 -- clean materials to remove sediment and impurities

Crusher -- crush and clean with water

Screw cleaner 3 -- deliver and clean

Horizontal friction cleaner 1 -- clean materials, remove sediment and impurities

Rinse sedimentation tank 2 -- further clean the material to remove impurities

Horizontal friction washer 2 -- cleans materials to remove sediment and impurities

Centrifugal dehydrator -- dewatering of materials

Hot air drying system -- further drying

Bagging system

Control the electrical box


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