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Scrap car recycling production line

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The production line is composed of compact shredder, vertical scrap crusher, transmission and separation equipment. Scrap crushing production line system is mainly used in crushing and recycling of metal scrap, automobile shell, aluminum casting and profile.

The two-shaft shredder pre-crusher the materials, and the vertical scrap crusher the secondary crushing and compacting to 50-80mm, and clean the paint and dirt on the surface. After treatment, the bulk density is appropriate for direct transportation.

Compared to the traditional high-voltage metal crushing equipment, the scrap metal recycling and crushing production line has obvious advantages in equipment investment and maintenance cost.

Scrap steel scrap recovery production line includes the following main equipment


Heavy metal shredder - pre-crushing material

Conveyor belt -- conveying materials

Heavy duty vertical scrap crusher -- crushing, cleaning and compacting metal materials

Conveyor belt -- conveying materials

Central dust removal system -- collect system dust

Control the electrical box


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