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Screw conveyer

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Screw conveyor has the following advantages:


1. The structure is simple and the cost is low.


2. Reliable work, easy maintenance and management.


3. Compact size, small section size, small floor area. Easy access to hatches and carriages in port unloading operations.


4. It can realize sealed transportation, which is conducive to transporting materials that are easy to fly, hot and with strong smell. It can reduce environmental pollution and improve the working conditions of port workers.


5. Easy loading and unloading. The horizontal screw conveyor can be loaded and unloaded at any point on its transmission line. The vertical screw conveyor equipped with relative screw feeding device can have excellent feeding performance. The screw shaft in direct contact with the material pile can be used as the material collecting device for other types of unloading machinery in port.


6. Can reverse transport, also can make a conveyor to transport materials to two directions at the same time, that is, to the center or away from the center.


7. Higher energy consumption per unit.


8. The material is easy to grind and wear in the process of conveying, and the wear of spiral blade and feed groove is also serious.




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