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A brief introduction to the glue cutting machine and the multi-knife glue cutting machine

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The bale cutter is a type of rubber processing equipment. Its function is to cut the natural rubber or synthetic rubber blocks (bags) into smaller blocks that are not difficult to process. Rubber is a high elasticity and toughness of the solid, processing scale is different, processing conditions are different, rubber varieties and properties are different, so the rubber cutting machine has a variety of specifications and performance, the purchase and use should be close to the need for selection and control.

The machine is mainly used for cutting raw rubber, synthetic rubber and other plastic materials, especially for cutting small pieces of rubber when installed next to the mixer. The machine is mainly composed of a rubber cutter, a frame, a working oil cylinder, a base, an auxiliary working table, a hydraulic system and an electrical system, etc. Nylon pads are installed on the base below the rubber cutter to protect the blade of the rubber cutter. When cutting raw rubber, manually put the rubber material on the bottom of the rubber cutter, and then press the start button, then the rubber cutter will be driven by the piston rod down the slide on the track to cut the rubber material. The upper and lower limit switches are installed on the back to control the reversing valve to change the movement direction of the rubber cutter and protect the piston cylinder head. Foshan Gangli environmental protection is a professional manufacturer of rubber cutting machine, with more than ten years of production and development experience, rubber cutting machine quality has been constantly improved. Rubber cutting machine is generally divided into vertical cutting machine and desktop cutting machine.

At present, the market to see the cutting machine is mostly a single knife cutting machine, its main role is to turn off the rubber group, make it into a smaller rubber group. In addition to the research and development and production of single-blade rubber cutting machine, we also developed and produced multi-blade rubber cutting machine. The principal difference between it and the single knife cutting machine is the difference of the knife rest. The multi-knife cutting machine not only has a long knife through the entire knife rest, but also has many blades perpendicular to this long knife. We call this blade transverse knife, and that long knife we call the longitudinal knife The principal function of the glue-cutting machine with several knives mounted on the tool holder is to cut a large rubber ball into smaller and finer pieces. I found that in the whole rubber machinery market, we are the only one who has developed this multi-knife rubber cutting machine, so if you need a rubber cutting machine, please consider the rubber cutting machine made by Gangli, I believe it will bring you a different surprise. At the same time, if you have different views on the glue cutting machine or have better Suggestions for improvement, you are welcome to contact the environmental protection staff of Gangli at any time.

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